Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The End

of  2014.

We are going to Frank  Marr's memorial service tonight.  He died the 26th.  He will be buried in NM, but they are having visitation here tonight. 

I have logged 84 miles walked in the month of December.  That is 2.7 miles a day, or almost 1 hour walking each day.  Of course some days I did not walk at all, but if I walk I nearly always do 4 miles. And, over the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas I have not been eating lightly but still did not gain weight.  For Christmas, Helen made 3 pies and a carrot cake.  No one here except me ate any of that.  Finally, Mon and Tue I took the pies to work.  Everyone said they were really good, but I am not telling her that.

I do not have to go back to work until Monday.  I am going to try to find a reference Bible Ebook from my tablet.  I want one where you click on the reference and it goes to that place in the Bible.  I would not care to buy one, but I would want to know if it worked that way before I paid for it.  I have found several free Bible Ebooks.  I will try some of those and see what I think.

Helen is taking the kids to Church tonight.  They are starting back on the kids Bible classes on Wed night. They like to go because there are other kids there, and hopefully  they learn something.

I think I have the books of the Bible down pat now. 

Got to go.  If anyone wants to see Frank Marr's obit, it is on Smith Family Funeral Home at Green Forest.  He was 82 years old.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Church day

Today I walked 4 miles, then we went to Church.  George has started going with us.  I think Helen is going tonight, but I am not.  This week they start back with their Wednesday night Sunday school for kids and Helen says she will take the kids to that.  They really like going if there is a kids class, but are not so keen on the preacher part.

Lane goes back to CA tomorrow, and I go back to work.  But, I only work 3 days this week. We have New Years day off and I am taking the day after for my birthday that falls on Sunday.  I forget how old I will be, but it is really old.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Walk today

Today, I walked to the Coin bridge, about 6 miles. Yesterday, I walked to the first Callen's Branch slab down the red hill and then back up the branch to behind the cemetery by the Stone place, up thru the pasture to the cemetery and back home, maybe 5 miles. Christmas, I just went to the red barn and back, 4 miles. Christmas Eve, I walked to the gate going up on the hill by Peden's chicken houses, around Comb's fence, to the top of the hill above our house and down the hill to Clayton's and home, probably about 4 miles.

  If I have kept track accurately, I have walked about 68 miles in December. That is a little over 2 miles a day, average. Today, since it was trying to rain, I wore the nice rain jacket Betty gave me. It never did actually rain, but there was moisture in the air. The rain jacket with the hood really worked nice for the moisture and as a wind block.

  I am thinking for my bday I am going to get a pair of winter boots to ware walking in the wet. Then, I am going to walk around by Coin, up to Eldridges, down by Lois Morris, and across the creek home one weekend. I am also, going to walk down the second Callen's branch, to where it comes out on the slab just this side of Billy Joe's. I took the camera every day except today, but I do not have any good pictures because it was too gloomy for good pictures. I looked at the weather forecast, and it just gets wetter and colder next week. You would think it was winter or something.

And, while I am walking, I am memorizing the books of the Bible. I got tired of the preacher saying turn to... and not knowing where to look. Sometimes, I was not even sure if it would be the New or Old Testament. I started this around Thanksgiving or a little before that. I can now say them all in order. I would write them to prove it, but I cannot spell worth anything. Here is the first letter of each book, in order.

Old Testament
New Testament
There are a lot of t's and j's in the New Testament. Some of the books, I had trouble pronouncing and I found a place on the web where you can search for a word, click on it and it is pronounced for you. I think I can say them all now. It is It is simple, and works.

  Got to go now. I am taking Helen to get her car, and I am going to try to return a couple of things to wally world. I cannot find the receipts, so I am toing to tell them they are presents. It is only $15 total, so if it does not work out, it is no big deal. Just a movie the kids already had and a electric grill that JR did not want. We will see how it goes. And, if the line is too long, I will probably just forget it.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Kids were happy with their lute.  Robert got 2 hot wheel race tracks and several Jeff Gordon including a #24 hat.  He was really pleased with everything.  Hannah got 3 talking toys that record what she says, and Emmy got her a Frozen doll.  And she got some jewelry.  She liked it all.  They had had a great time just hanging out and not going to school.  Robert thinks that is the best part.  Hannah is catching up on her sleep now.  She has still been under the weather with a cough and runny nose but was much better today.  Robert is trying out the race track Uncle George and Emmy got him.  He is such a happy boy.

Thanks to Winnie for the gift cards.  They will go spend them in a few days when things at the store are not so crazy.  They love picking out their own stuff.  Kriss and the kids also sent presents.  Robert's tiny car was a real hit.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I am through with shopping.  Mostly shopping was for little grandkids.  Big grandkids are getting money, George bought his own present and Greg's present.  George got a new air compressor last week.  Usually I get him some little something in addition to the big present, but not this year.  I got this computer.  I am learning to use it better.  For posting on the blog, it works better with the keyboard, but for most other things, I use it folded as a tablet.  I do like it for reading books.  I downloaded a few games for the kids and they played them for a few day, but the last few days they have gone back to  the ipad games.  There are so many more games available for the ipad then there is for windows tablets.  Anyway, I like the tablet but still use the big laptop for some things.  I did finally figure out how to go back to the previous web page, but still sometimes it seems to just do whatever it wants instead of what I want.  And, the reason you have to be on the net to get your pictures off a card is that it auto stores them all on your Microsoft onedrive.  I guess I can change that, but for now, I just try to remember to connect before putting pictures on it.

Today, I am going for a walk, as I have not walked the  last two days.  I am going to get back to walking every day.  Then, we are having spaghetti and homemade rolls for Christmas Eve.  Jr is hosting a Christmas Eve dinner for his bunch at his house, so I am going to make enough rolls for both dinners.  Tomorrow, I am making ham and potatoes because that is what the boys like.  Helen is making us turkey with dressing.  We probably will not have to cook again for a week.

Hannah is still not feeling well, with a cough and runny nose.  At least the fever is gone. So far, Robert has not caught whatever it is.  I know she got this from the kids at church.  Many of them have been sick. 

Greg got Robert a NASCAR game for their WII machine and gave it to him yesterday, so that is all  Robert did all day yesterday.

I found that book A Long Way Home at Helen's library on the web, so I have it and one more book to read over the weekend.

It will be sunup soon, so I am going to walk.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2014

walk, no walk

I walked 4miles yesterday, but today after work I went to Berryville and bought Christmas groceries. We are having ham, potatoes and bread. Oh, and Lane got home about 3 this morning.  it was really good to see and talk to him.

We had the pot luck at church last night. Me, Helen, Hannah and Robert went. We had a good time. The kids really enjoyed it.

I work tomorrow and no more this week. My big boss is not at work this week and everyone is glad. It is a relief not to have to put up with him.

I am not feeling so hot. I am cold and I know it is not cold in here maybe I am getting what Hannah had. If I am sick Christmas George is going to have to fix Christmas dinner.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hugh not Morris, tablet not computer

Trying to do anything except play on this tablet is not play. Just to go back to the page before is sometimes impossible. Any, I guess Hugh Morris was not really a Morris, but was likely a Sneed.

John and Rachel Morris came to Carroll county AR in the 1840,s.  They had several children including a son, William Crittenton Morris. That Crit sound familiar?  Wm Crittenton Morris was father to Green Jordan Morris.

With this family when they came to Carroll County was a young woman named Rebecca Morris. Rebecca Morris never married here, but she had several children here that used the surname Morris including John Ruth Morris.  John Ruth had a son, Regan Matthew Morris. Regan had a son Hugh Dee Morris. Speculation has it that Rebecca Morris' children were the children of her married neighbor, Peter Sneed.

Morris is not a Morris and a toy is not a real computer, but it is good for reading books and the news.

Saturday, walked about 5 miles

Helen went to clean the Church this afternoon, so she thought I could walk over there and she could haul me home.  The only thing is, I usually try to walk more than 4 miles on Saturday and Sunday and it is only 3 miles to the Church.  I walked on up past the Church to the second Caffery house, and I think I walked about 5 miles total.  I saw goats and eagles at Caffery's.  I think I got some good pictures of the eagles.  I will upload some and see.  I do not like doing pictures on this windows 8 thing.  On the big laptop, I look through my pics and find the ones I want to upload and save them to my main file so they are easy to locate.  That does not work as well on here.

I would like to keep track of the miles I walk and have tried several different ways of keeping up with  the miles.  What I have now is a spreadsheet file in dropbox to record miles.  The problem is if I do not record miles each day, after a day or so I forget.  I think I am going to try to post my miles walked here each day and see if I can remember to do that.  When Christmas is over, maybe I will have more time.  All we have left now except for the family things is Christmas pot luck at Church tomorrow night.  It may just be me as George is going with son to pick up Grandson in Tulsa tomorrow night.  Hannah is feeling much better, but she may not want to go tomorrow night.  I think if she does not want to go, I will just go alone.  Robert never wants to go to any of the Church things, although he sure had fun at the Christmas play.

Kristina sent Robert one of Jake's old Thomas the Train toys.  He really likes it.  Greg got it all back together and it works just fine.

Pictures to follow...
And, I forgot to say,  Gilbert brought  Helen this barn wood coffee table.  It is beautiful and really heavy and sturdy.  he did a great job on it.

Robert says thank you.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Play, 2014

First, Hannah was sick today with a fever and general virus symptoms, so  she did not go to school today for the Christmas party and did not make it to the Christmas play.  Grandpa stayed home with her.  Aunt Helen, Daddy, Robert, Emily and I went.  Emmy took the pictures.  Robert behaved so very well.  Irene was the star of the show. Gertie was long suffering.

The pictures of Hannah are from dress rehearsal Wednesday night.