Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday, day of leisure

Yes, Hannah had bands around the babies necks.  I made her remove them.  I also told her to leave the chicken alone, but she takes after some of her aunts and does not always do what she is told.  Today, we went to Harrison and went junking and bought a few groceries.  The boy never wants to go, but usually Hannah will go even if it is only grocery shopping.  Then, we also went to mickiedees for lunch.

Goats on the hill behind our house.

They pretty much stay on this side of the road now even at night, except when the kids decide to  have some rodeo fun and chase them on the 4 wheeler.  They don/t bother anything and since brother is on one side and son is on the other, I don't worry much about them bothering the neighbors. 

The George's bought the wire and got it buried for the RV down at the neighbors.

The chickens enjoyed new ground.  The RV is still at my house, and it may be a while before it gets transported.

Son is now working on the road.  Water stands here when it rains and he wanted to put in a tin horn.  One day last week he was working up at the shop at Ridgedale, digging ditches for something.  Some guys came by in a pickup with a tin horn in the back.  They said he looked like a man in need of a culvert.  He did not need one there at work, but thought it would come in handy at home.  He said they looked like they had a need for $50 to purchase their meds, so that is what he paid for it.  I think he better get it brought down here before the law comes looking for stolen goods.  Anyway, boys think building roads is more fun than moving travel trailers.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Photos by Robert

He saw a deer down on the salt block and said Grandma I really need a camera to take a picture of the deer.

Uncle George come in and told on them.  Those kids are throwing chickens at each other.  The animal welfare people are going to be down here complaining next week.


Friday and two days off for me and the kids.  First thing Robert said tonight was two days no school.  But, he has a better attitude about school now than he did.  He comes home happy and pleased about school.  Girl brought her weeks work home today and she did really good on all the work.

Grandma:  Robert, I am going to go to town and buy supper.  Do you want pizza or a hamburger.

Robert:  I want hamburger and a pizza.

Girl is planting flowers.

She wants to wear these Helen shoes to school.  I guess I will let her.  I hope she does not fall down and break her neck.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I found you a horse:

2006 Registered Mini Mare Hores 33". (Listed on 8/22/2013)
2006 Registered Mini Mare Hores 33". Registered mini mare. 33". When we bought her we were told she is broke to ride. We have only lead children on her and she was perfect but have never seen her ridden without being lead. Exposed to black and white mini stud for a 2014 baby. $250 E-MAIL FOR PICTURES

 |  Berryville Plant - Berryville, AR

And, we got a package addressed to you from Texas.  I am afraid to open it.  Probably someone you have wronged trying to get even.

I met with the school today about the boy.  He starts his extra help today.  All went very well.  They are not home yet.  Hope he is pleased.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday, day three

This is the only fawn we have seen in our pasture this year.  And, this is the first time since early spring we have seen them grazing on the slope.  The last two years deer have grazed this slope regularly most of the summer and winter.

School is still going good.  Two more days and we all get a couple of days off.  I am ready.

George went today and bought laminate flooring for our bedroom like we have in the rest of the house.  I am taking off the first week in September to watch him install it in our room.  I was going to get carpet, but I changed my mind.  I will be better satisfied with them when we get it down.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


and second day of school. When I asked Robert today how it went, he said not good.  How come.  I am tired.  That was a relief.

My boss is in TX today working at her new job, but she still has the old job also for now.  I think they have decided who we will get but have not told us.  I have decided if they give us a greenhorn, I am not going to know anything.  Sometimes I am not nice.

Three more days for me and the kids.  We can count together now.

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day...

Robert, "Grandma, school was AWESOME!!!"

We were going to take them the first day, but they were ready when the bus came.  Grandpa went to talk to the bus driver and they said they wanted to ride the bus.  Everything went great.