Sunday, January 22, 2017

A wild goose hunt

Yesterday, we drove down to Magness Lake, near Herber Springs by Greers Ferry Lake to watch the swans.  There were hundreds of swans and ducks, but no geese when we were there.  The net said you needed to be there late in the afternoon to see lots of birds because they leave the lake during the day and return in late afternoon.  We got there about 2 pm and saw hundreds.

I took so may pictures, it is hard to pick ones to post, but here goes.

Many of the swans were smoky grey instead of all white.  Some just had grey heads and necks, and some had a grey cast over most of there feathers.  I looked on the net when I got home, and found these were young birds born this year.  By summer, they will all be all white.

Now you know.