Saturday, June 15, 2013


You are on Candid Camera...

The chickens have been roosting in the yard the last few days and refusing to go in their house.  I saw lots of feathers, and some wing feathers in the house so I knew something had been after them at night.  Greg set up the game camera, and we caught game.  I think Clayton has some usable traps we can barrow.  Maybe we can have BBQ raccoon for father's day.

No baby goats yet, but it won't be much longer.  She went out to the pond today, but when I went to check on her, she did not even get up. And, she is leaking. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bursting at the seams...

With goats and chickens all over.  The little black goat was in the barn tonight as all the other goats bedded down under the trees where Gilbert's trailer used to be.  Or so George says.  I was BBQing pork chops and did not go see, but she was missing from the 'herd' tonight.  She will probably have babies by morning, if not already.

Two days not work,  hooray!

Happy Birthday Betty and Betty

Betty Jean.

Betty Jean has this picture in her family tree file on Ancestry and says it is Betty Lou.  I remember seeing the pic before but was not sure who it was.  This looks like baby pictures we have of Helen.  Betty Lou's birthday was yesterday.  She would have been old and Betty Jean is old.  I am not putting in numbers so no one can say I am wrong. Old is Old.  Or Old is as Old does, nothing.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Apron Day

Got lots of aprons.  The one in my hand is for Clayton, one was for Emmy and I am keeping the rest.  

Tomorrow is GHED.  Go Home Early Day.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pictures and machines

Photos by Grandma...

Patience and Hannah.

The big boy.  I asked him to give Grandma a ride on the machine.  He said no.  I asked why.  He said because you are an Ole Lady.

Photos by Papa

Hannah gave me a ride.

She is a good driver.

Photos by Robert

His trucks.

The white bobcat on the end is a 3D puzzle from Bobcat.  Him and Emmy put it together.  The bucket goes up and down.   It was pretty neat and he really likes it.

Photos by Hannah.

She took lots of pictures.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Big Kids...

Get to drive.

They really like driving on their own.  I bought them a badmitten set but they have been too busy to try it much.

Robert the rooster.

This years new goats.  On the left, Little Sister and Half Breed, then Patsy and Hot Rod getting really big, then Black Jack and Mama.