Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hannah & Robert's iPad picture

They did this all by themselves.  It looks really neat. 

I sure wish Granny Helen was here,

Cause I am not Helen, but I drove her car today.  Robert and Hannah need valentine boxes for school.  Hannah would love making a box, but me and Robert not so much.  So, while they were gone with their Dad today, I took Sister's car to the $ store to see if they  had Valentine boxes.  They did not have exactly Valentine boxes but they had nice boxes priced all the way from $2 to about 7 or 8 dollars.  I picked out two and some stickers to decorate them.  But, when I got to the checkout, I did not have my billfold.  I thought it was in the jacket pocket, but alas, not.  The clerk asked is it in your car? No, I am in sister's car.  Me and Hannah will go after while or tomorrow and buy them.

If Helen was here she would be all over making boxes.

Friday, January 31, 2014

And Little Red Goat

is doing great. So many have asked. She keeps up now with all the others, running and playing.  Today she was butting heads with one of the kids born in December.  Her mother stays right with her, but she can keep up and followings right along now.  Her mama even runs the dogs off now whereas she used to just ignore them.

Kid with character

Or, maybe kid who is a character. 

See the character word for this month?  Well, not by looking at Hannah's word, cause it was never turned so you could read it.  The others all say PATIENCE.  Maybe her's does also.  We are not sure.  The award did not make it home.  We are thinking this was intended as the power of suggestion, or wishful thinking.

The boy was proud we were there.  Hannah was really excited about the whole thing yesterday, but today she was too busy socializing to even know we were there. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One week old...

She is following mama everywhere now.

It is cold, but not as cold as yesterday.

She is running and keeping up with mama.

And she is climbing hills, jumping and playing.  She is going to be fine now.

Helen No Neck

Monday, January 27, 2014

Grandma and Robert

Read a book tonight.  After the first couple of pages, he had the main words, I like to.  We will read one a day and then start over.

Thanks, Helen and Kristy.

And, last week I downloaded some children's books on the pad that I read to them.  They really liked Ipad books.  And, tonight,  Robert asked how to get to the books on the ipad.  He did  not want me to read the book to  him and he did not want to read the book himself, but he did want to look through it all by himself.  Progress.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grandma and Robert

On MBC news they have a dinner where the kids are involved in learning instead of eating.

Grandma, 'Robert would not want to go there, where they are learning instead of eating.'

Robert from the bedroom, 'I heard that, you know.'

Lookey Here!

Working, working...

Where is the tin box?

There it is!

View out the back window.

Back view.

Front view.

View out the front door.

Saga of Little Red continues...

At 7:30 it was 50 degrees already, but I looked out the front to see if Little Red was with the herd.  Her Mama is there in front, but no baby.

I found her in the shop, all warm and cozy behind a piece of cardboard.  When I picked her up, her belly felt firm and full.  She looked good.

And, when I put her out in the shed, she started running and playing.  She is much stronger today.

Mama and baby reunited.