Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12

It is overcast and weatherman says it may rain, but so far no luck.  If it does not rain soon, I am going to have to water the tomatoes.

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11

We have one boy and one girl.  The one with more black is a boy and the one with more white is a girl.  I guess we need to think of names.  Maybe Billy and Nanny, or Black Boy and White Girl.  They are strong and doing great and Mama has already gotten out of the pen so we had to open the gate.

Billy, Black Boy.

Nanny on the left, Billy on the right.

Nanny, White Girl.

Billy Black Boy on the left, Nanny White Girl on the right.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10

May 10

May be someone's birthday.

Greedy Gut is preparing to have a baby or babies.  She looks good and I think she will be fine.  

We have her locked in the barn lot by herself with water and I fed her a little.  I think by morning we will have babies.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

May 9

The survey steaks Patsy saw in the deer pictures is where Carroll Electric is going to connect the line between us and Marrs.  Then, if something happens to cut off our power, we can get power from across the creek.   Of course it works the same way for the people across the creek.  Anyway, George made a deal with them to cut this tree in exchange for the right of way to put in the lines.  It has been dead for 5 years or more.  I was afraid it would fall on the house, but was also afraid for George to cut it.  Now it is down.

Our only regret is that Robert was not here to see it go crash bang.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

May 8

Helen called and said she had a nasty infection.  I said, I told you so, I told you so.

I found a recipe for pull apart cinnamon bread in a magazine and told her I was going to try it. She said it would not work because all the googy good stuff would run to the bottom.  She was wrong about that.  I turned out beautifully and cooked nicely, but, it does not taste nearly as good as cinnamon bread should.  I am going to try it again with her cinnamon roll recipe.  You make it by rolling it out, putting the margarine, sugar and cinnamon on it, cutting and stacking it, and putting it in the pan.

As I wrote that out, I realized why it does not taste right.  I did not put any cinnamon in it. Don't tell Helen that.

No baby goats.

All my tomatoes are blooming, even the ones Patsy gave me.  We should have lots of tomatoes this  year.

Monday, May 07, 2012

May 7, View from my Window

Baby goats today...

May 7

Back to work today.  We were supposed to have an customer audit starting today, but it was cancelled at the last minute Friday.  Maybe they will forget to reschedule.

Friday, I painted the wall around the front door and the window in the living room where George put in new wall board when he replaced the window and the door.  I still have two more panels to paint in the kitchen / dinning area.  I am planning on doing that next weekend.

We also tilled the garden.  The corn had just come up and was covered up in weeds.  Some places I got the weeds and some places I got the corn.  Anyway, it looks better.  I guess we will have spotty corn.  Hannah says she really likes corn.

My early girl tomatoes and some of my parks whoppers are blooming and the early girls have a few little green tomatoes.  We have cages around the larger tomatoes.  Sometime this week, we will put the cages on the rest of them.  George got some good light weight metal steaks to steak down the cages with.   The man that rents the place raises chickens and he had to replace the long metal rods for the curtains in his chicken houses.  They made perfect steaks for the cages.

Last week was a short week. Evis did not work Friday so I had it off.  This week it will be 5 days, but not audit.

I am making chicken and dumplins for supper.

It is no fun unless you crash at the end.