Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Well, after a few twists and turn arounds, we found the location of the Maples homestead, even if not the actual house site which our cousin was hoping for.  I knew that was not really and option.  I think there are 3 houses along the mile and a half or so of the road that goes through that land and the 40 acres just before it where her Briles lived.  I am pretty sure it is the same road today as it was back then.  It was really rough.  We saw lots of rocks, brush, a few cows, 2 herds of goats and one deer.

This is the vicinity.  The road is less than 2 miles long, and all but the first quarter mile goes through Maples land or the Briles land.

 A dry creek bed.

The Bobo Church is on the 'main' road, just a few yards from where you turn onto 'Maples Lane.' The Church was open so we went in.  On the bulletin board just inside, is a list of the 7 or 8 member families and their phone numbers.  The inside looks to be original, and several of the pews had personal cushions I guess left by the regulars.

This is Dixie at Bobo Cemetery.  It is back down the road from the church a mile or two.  The location was marked on my map and she so wanted to see it, but you cannot really see anything from the road.  We saw this group of trees a few yards from the road in a cleared pasture and we figured that had to be it.  And so it was.

Someone needs to adopt this cemetery.  There were a few actual gravestones and several native stone markers, but you could not read anything on any of the stones.  On our CCHS site we have these 4 names.
Ballow, Kindred R.--Son of E. E. & S. O.--Dec 1 1874--May 19 1976
Bobo, Burrell --son of W. J. & A.--Aug 19 1873--Oct 16 1873
Collier, Mary O.--Dau of W. M. & M. O.--Feb 4 1844--Sept 3 1884
Bobo, Lucinda I.--Dau of B. & M. M.--July 29 1863--June 11 1867

I enjoyed the day and was glad I could find the land for her, and I guess for me.  She had a little rental car and asked before we started if I wanted her to take that.  Knowing more about where we were headed, I declined the offer.  Long before we even got to our little 2 mile road, she said she know now why I had a truck.  By the end of the road, it was just rocky ruts.  Anyway, it was a good day looking for dead people.

Sunday, October 04, 2015


Today was family day at Church.  Greg went and took the kids.  Even Grandpa went.  There was lots of food, lots of kids, and several new visitors.  We  had a very good day.

And, thankful that the neighbor removed the big tree from the cemetery.

Here you can see what is left of the broken tree.

It fell right through the middle of this rock fenced area.

Breaking some of the fence stones, but not getting any of the grave markers.  It fell right between the Jacob Shank and John V. Leathers stones in the background.

I got down there just at sunup this morning.  

I was so thankful it did not fall on Jacob's stone.  I would have probably had to have it repaired if it got broken.

I walked 5 miles today.