Saturday, March 11, 2017

And now it is snowing...

You would think it was March or something

Snow, blowing cold...

Or ice...

We did not take the goats to the sale. It has been raining all morning, and just now we got ice falling on us.  It is rain again now, but still not nice.

We have not even let them out of their pen yet today.  We will hope for better weather at the next sale in two week.s

Our Girl

So beautiful...

We did not place, but she had a wonderful time and did not get upset.  And, it is over for another year.

She did look beautiful.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Goats for sale

Chocolate Milk, sold to Cousin Linda.


4 young males.

Same, will go to sale Saturday, weather permitting.  It is supposed to snow.

Patches daughter Miracle.  She has lost one set of kids and the last one died before it was 24 hours old.  Going to sale on Saturday.

Holly, out of Big White.  Mother of Chocolate Milk.  A keeper for now.  But she has aborted twice. She will need to do better this time.

Cher. Out of Patsy.  Keeping for now.  She is not the best mother.

Two billies out of Cher, also in pic above.  Going to sale.  I thought the lighter colored one was a female, but not.

Red and Blackie, our best mothers.


Big White, The Boss.

The two behind are out of Little Red.  I did not get good pics of them. Born last spring.  Keepers for now.

Big White's daughter, Seven.  She will have kids within  a month or so.  Hope she does alright. Born last spring.


Brown goat out of Blackie with the forgettable name. Born last spring. I guess we need a new name that is not so forgettable.  She will kid in a month or so.  Hoping for a good outcome.

Ivy, Cher's daughter, born last spring.  I am debating on selling her.  Debating with myself as George is no help.  

Red's Patches.  A good looking kid.  Born lastfall. 


Big White's two nannies. Born last fall. Good looking goats.  Keepers for sure.

We are selling one grown female, possibly two.  Have two yearlings that will kid soon.  Hopefully everything will be good with that.  Little Red's two both lost their kids because they were too young and too small to have them.  Then we have the three nannies for the fall crop.  That is 5 grown females, 5 yearling females, and 3 of the fall kids.  Thirteen females, no billies after this week.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Beautiful Day

It was almost 80 today.

But it is all downhill from here.  Supposed to snow Saturday and get down really cold several nights.

The beauty review is tomorrow night.  Hannah is excited.  I will be excited when it is over.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday School and Church

Kids went to Sunday school and Church with me and Aunt Helen this morning. I am going to start making them go with us again.  They have been only going on Wednesday night.  They frowned a little when I got them up, but took it pretty well.  Robert even joined in with the singing.

It was a nice day, but a little windy and cooler.

Back to work tomorrow.