Saturday, September 08, 2012

Saturday, September 8

Emmy's Dad said he did not know how this happened.  At first, she thought it was funny.

Then not so much.  No one came to help, but eventually she got out.

The two mamas and 3 fawns have been in the field above the pond several times in the last week.

But, no more for a while.

Renter Man has his cows back on this side of the road.  But, he has so many in there, they will have it eaten down to nothing within a week or two.  He turned them in the pasture on our side last week, and the pasture is already all gone. He has way too many cows for this little pasture.

Dan has a baby Donkey.

Grandpa and Robert went to the lawn mower races at Yocum tonight.  They could not get anyone else to go.  Grandpa and Robert thought it would be great fun,  but everyone else, not so much.  I bet the boy has a great time.  Or both of the boys.  George knows so many people that he always finds lots of people to visit with wherever he goes.  Robert was hoping to see crashes.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

September 6, Thursday, a little rain

But not much.  Maybe we will get more tonight.  Patsy said they had hail, but we only got a 20 minute or so shower.

Last night the two mama deer and their 3 fawns were in our pasture grazing and all 5 went to the pond to get a drink..  That is the first time this year I have seen them all at the pond.  I think last month the one mama and her baby were at the pond once.  Last year, after they started coming to the pond, we saw them there several times a week.  But, later this week or next week, the cows are going into that pasture, so we probably won't see the deer there very often.

Tomorrow the end of the work week.  Oh, Boy!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I think...

If Gilbert is going to be Kelly's brother-in-law, Patsy is going to be Gilbert's Mother-in-law.

September 4, Tuesday, Back to labor day

This is Martha Jane Tate Harp, sister to Ann Catherine Tate Slover Maples.  I knew I had this image, but when Patsy posted about Merl Haggard and our connection to him, I could not find the file on either of my laptops.  I knew it was on the old computer, but it is put away in the closet.  I found the file on my backup drive.  I was please to use the backup drive and have it work so easily.  I backed up files to it over 18 months ago when I first bought it and have never even looked at the files again, or tried to backup any new files.  Everything was there, just hooked it to my laptop via USB port and could pull up any of the old files I wanted.  I found this photo and the below photo of her children in a Harp folder at the Boone County Historical Center.

Children of Martha Jane Tate and Elijah Bohannon Harp.

Sarah Jane Isabell, Levi A., Wm. Thomas, LeRoy B., Joseph Anderson, Eiljah Bohannon Jr.

This is a photo of Merl Haggard's grandparents.    John Bohannon was a son of William Thomas Harp.

It might even be that we are in some way related to the Haggard side of Merl's family.  Jesse Maples married second a Mildred Haggard, widow who married first to Martin Haggard.  I believe, but it is not proven, that Mildred Haggard was an Atchley, sister to Jesse Maples first wife, Minnie Atchley.

Anyway, images now located. 

Now if someone searches for Martha Jane Tate Harp and Eiljah Bohannon Harp of Newton County Arkansas this post should come up.  I will try it tomorrow

Monday, September 03, 2012

September 3, No Labor Day

Since the pond is almost dry, Junior has the idea that he can dig a hole behind it, in the hollow that leads to it, drain the little water into his new hole, then clean out the pond.  I am afraid it will not work as intended and may even ruin the pond, but I decided I am never going to have more livestock than I can water out of a tub, so whatever.  Anyway, he has a big hole dug and has moved a lot of dirt with some help from George.  

If you look close, you can just see the roll bars of the tractor behind the goat.  This is the hole he intends to drain the water into.  Besides, by the time he gets around to actually digging the trench to drain the water, it will probably start raining a fill both the pond and the hole.  The boys are watching the dig, and the girls are playing king on the mountain, or something.

He dug up t his old bottle.  It is about 6 inches tall.  He thinks it is Helen's message in a bottle, but the message is missing.  It only has a mark on the bottom that says 50 and some letters, no name or company ID.

All the kids, including Emmy's 3 neighbor cousins slept in a tent in our yard last night.  My little kids loved it, Emmy enjoyed it because she got to be big boss as no adults were our there.  Well, Junior was a few feet away on the deck until after 11, but anyway, she enjoyed being the 'big kid', in her words.  I am a bit tired, but go back to work tomorrow to rest.  

Sunday, September 02, 2012

September 2, Sunday

A conference.  Boy in stripped shorts does not  have on shoes.

Big brother said he had to go back.

I found him a pair of shoes, not exactly his size, but they worked.

An exact quote.  Look at me Grandma.  I dirty.