Saturday, August 04, 2012

August 4, sitting along the Little Pigeon River, Sevierville, Tennessee

Crossing the Mississippi into Tennessee at Memphis last night.  If you click and enlarge it you can see into Egypt, [see the pyramid?]

Somewhere between Jackson and Nashville.  

Sevier County courthouse on Main Street, Sevierville.

Main street, downtown Sevierville, TN.

We are staying in the Super 8 right on the Little Pigeon River in Sevierville.

It is a nice nosmoking room with a nice place for George to go out and smoke.  The smoking rooms smell so bad.  This has a little covered place with lawn chairs out back of each room, so he can sit out there and watch the squirrels and the river, out of the rain.  Yes, it has been raining here most if afternoon, but just a light rain most of the time. It is 82 degrees now, 20 degrees cooler than home.

We are going to go eat now, and tomorrow I am going to find Josiah Maples' grave at Murphy's Chapel Cemetery,and see if I can find the Forks of the Little Pigeon Church where Ruthea and her son Jesse attended Church.

Having a great time and enjoying the cooler weather.

August 4, 40 years

This is the only picture you get now.  I took some yesterday, but they are not  on the computer yet.

We stayed in Jackson, TN last night and are almost to Nashville now.  We go through Knoxville this afternoon and staying in Sevierville tonight.

Yesterday was really, really hot at 103 degrees but today is supposed to be better.  It is 87 degrees at 9:30.  

Maybe tonight we will have more pictures.  I was so too tired to mess with pictures.

The driver says we are stopping for  breakfast now.  We are at the turnoff of I40 for Jacksonville Park, wherever that is.  

I am not looking at Betty's blog so I will not know if she posted about her funeral.

Friday, August 03, 2012

August 3, Friday

It is 6 am and I am the only one awake.  I think George usually gets up around 8, but it takes him 2 hours to even get started on anything.  I may wake him up at 7.

Betty, if you die while I am on Vacation, do not post about your death or funeral so I can enjoy my vacation.

Helen, if Betty dies while I am on Vacation, can you call the Green Forest flower shop and buy funeral flowers from all of us.  I will go pay for them when I get back.

Patsy, Betty's obituary needs to read, 'Lived Poor, Died Rich'.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

August 2, Thrusday

The kids are here with their Dad for a few days.  Hannah loved the dress Aunt Helen sent.

Pictures are sideways because I used the old camera take them.

Robert liked the shirt and he LOVED the turcks.

Dad told him he had to smile at Aunt Helen.  The shorts he has on are too big around the waist, but he likes them and will not let me get him a different pair.  I guess I will have to buy him a belt.

Greg said thanks for the clothes for the kids.

Tomorrow we are off to Tennessee early in the morning.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Joy, Joy1

Wet Gold!  We got 7 tens of an inch and it is way cooler for tonight, anyway.

A double rainbow.

Dad is taking her picture holding the rainbow.

August 1, Wednesday

The electric company has been working on their new lines.  They have set all the poles, we have 4 new ones along the road and today they started stringing the wire.

The county has been down here with their brush cutter the last couple of days.  They really made and improvement in the fence rows along the road between brothers and Dans.  They came on down this way, but George had already cleared most of our fence row.

One more day and then VACATION.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31, Tuesday

If you are going to do something in July 2012, you better HURRY!

Aunt Tee married Paul Collier.

Paul Collier was a son of Anderson Burl Collier and Mary Elizabeth Coxsey.  Mary Coxsey Collier was a sister to Pat Coxsey.  Pat Coxsey was the father of Aunt Una and Beulah Coxsey Powell.  Beulah married Uncle John Powell.

I do not know exactly how Grandma Powell is related to Aunt Una and Beulah, Pat Coxsey was a grandson of John B. Coxsey.  I think that John B. Coxsey and Benjamin Coxsey, Grandma grandfather, were brothers, but that is a guess.

Here is a family tree file from someone else descended from John B. Coxsey that thinks John and Ben are half brothers.  I think they were full brothers.

If you follow this tree down through John B., James Anderson, you will find both Pat Coxsey and Mary Elizabeth.

Helen, stay tuned, next week we will have tons of dead people posts.

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, Monday

Only one more day in July, and today was a scorcher.

Betty wanted to find Aunt Tee in 1940:

Name:Tee Ollier
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1901
Marital Status:Married
Relation to Head of House:Wife
Home in 1940:Visalia, TulareCalifornia
View Map
Inferred Residence in 1935:Rural, Carroll, Arkansas
Residence in 1935:Rural, Carroll, Arkansas
Sheet Number:5A
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Paul Ollier41
Tee Ollier39
Paul Ollier18
Willa Dean Ollier16
Mary Joe Collier14
Betty Burl Collier7

I found her by searching for Mary Jo Collier.  You will notice that Ancestry has indexed the others as Ollier.  The last two are on the next page.  Maybe two different people indexed the two pages.

Helen will enjoy that.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, Sunday

Today was really, really hot.  So, I stayed inside and looked for dead people.  Found several under the bed.  Oh, I mean on the computer.

I found Aunt Bertha listed as buried in  White Rose Cemetery in Bartlesville, OK.  She is in the same cemetery as her husband Louis Alf Williams.  It says she died of intestinal paralysis.  

I found Della and Jim Tabor in 1940.  Ancestry indexed them as Tobes.  Her son, Ernest is living next to her.

Myrtle Still is in Eldorado Kansas.

I found that Bertha's oldest daughter Sarah Katherine Williams married Henry F. McKenzie. Betty posted something on my comments about her being a Still when she died and being buried in the same cemetery as Myrtle and Toby Still in Nowata, but I do not find her there.  I think Betty's knee problem has gone to her head.