Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015


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Although I can post to my blog from work, I do not like to do that. Hence the posting via email.  Blogger instructions say to attach images you want to include, but I wanted to try inserting the pic in the message where I wanted it.  Like here.


Presto, my beautiful Lilly that bloomed down by the mail box for probably 2 whole days.  But it was beautiful.



Tomorrow is signup for VBS and the next week is VBS all week.  I am so excited.


The kids went to their first summer Wednesday night BS at Church last night. In the summer, the kids and adults alternate Wednesday nights each week, so they only go every other Wednesday.  I took them and dropped them off and think I will continue that for the summer.  I may make something for their snacks once in a while, but I don’t think I will stay for any of their nights.  They get to go outside and play instead of study in the summer.  They really enjoyed it last night.


Last night I walked 4 miles to the  red barn starting at just before 5. It was hot, but I did not melt.  I have found a water carrier that works for me.  I have a bottle that I put in the freezer each night if I can remember, which I did not last night, but if I do it stays frozen for hours after I take it out.  I have a little insulated lunch pouch with a strap that I can carry it in.  It straps around my waist or over the shoulder.  I prefer around the waist.  My  problem with most of the water bottle things for walking is how to carry them without them swinging back and forth as I walk.  I just cannot stand the swinging.


This afternoon after work, I think I will take the kids to swim at the Community center at BRV.  George took them last week, so it is my turn.


One of Sister’s plants from one of the funerals is blooming and it is gorgeous.




Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Wabash Cannon Ball

In trying to figure out where I would be on my walk, I got a little off track.  It is about 435 miles from Green Forest through  St. Louis down I 64 to Grayville, Illinois on the Wabash River at the Indiana line.  But, I have actually logged 530 miles, not 430, so I am 100 miles into Indiana, still on I 64.   I am only 30 miles from  Louisville and the Ohio River on the Kentucky state line.

I think I will sleep under the bridge.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Miles to go

But I don't know how many.  I lost track of my miles walked again.  I have them written down now, but  have not added them up.  And, I am not too sure of several day, but I am not going to tell anyone that.  The files I was keeping track of them in messed up on my new computer and I did not realize it for a week or so.  The new computer is a pain.   In July, I can update it to Windows 10 and it is supposed to be better.  I sure hope so.

Anyway, I walked 4 miles today.  It was 90+ when I started out at 5:30.  I walk toward's the Stone place and the red barn when it is hot, because the trees our overgrown on both sides of the road, and most of it is in shade.  On the weekend, I walk early in the morning.  It is easier for me to walk in the blowing snow than in the hot.

This is coming back toward home, down the hill by the red barn.  It would be 10 to 15 degrees cooler here than out in the burning sun.  Helen says she does not like the phone pictures. My phone takes pretty good pictures, but not nearly as nice as my big cameras.  I like it though, because it is so easy to take along in my pocket.  The problem with the big cameras is carrying them around.  It also has a pedometer that compares to my expensive pedometer.  That is they measure about the same number of steps, if I carry them both.  It also has a heart rate app that I have used a few times.  But, the real plus of the phone over the camera is the ease of taking it along.

It is only 3 weeks til our vacation.  The kids are excited. Hannah is already packing. I will be glad to have some time off from work.

As Helen says, we  have lost several baby goats.  Just born dead. I am not much worried about it, but  if this keeps up, we may sell them all this fall.

I did mow the cemetery Saturday, and use the weed eater on it yesterday.  It was cooler yesterday than Saturday, and weeding is easier than mowing.  The only problem I had was there was no place to sit and rest yesterday. Saturday, I sat on the stacked stones for my breaks, but Sunday, I saw a copperhead go under a old dead stump in the middle of the cemetery.  I poured gas on him, and think he probably died.  But, after that, there were more snakes under and around all the other stones.  I did not see any other snakes, but I knew they were there just waiting for me to sit down for a break.  George said I could have sat in the truck, and I thought of that, but just stood instead.  I tried once sitting next to a tree, but I was sure a snake was going to crawl out from the other side.  Next time I will take a lawn chair.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Before and After

Rejoice in the day the Lord has made...

I walked 6 miles, to the Coin Bridge and back.

I walk...

To town.

I left about 6:15 and got there a little after 8.  When Mom and Dad were young, they walked like that all the time.  I know Dad had a horse to ride, but still I bet he walked from Sunny Lane to Denver many a time.

This is Mrs. Rohde's house, next door to Grandma.

Grandma's house.  It had appartment for rent signs on the mail boxes. There were 4 or 5 mailboxes.  Do you think it has more than one bathroom now?

Aunt Una's house.

Mrs. Atchley's house.

Ruth Powell's hours

The McNemr addition to Douglas road.  Remember where MacNemar's lived?  Looks very different.  The sign says private drive,

I walked to town, ate a big breakfast, walked around town for a mile or so and then  home.  Got home just after 11.  I figure I walked 11 miles.

Today is Sunday, a day of rest.