Saturday, July 07, 2012

What in the world is this???


@ 5 pm we have about 6 tenths of rain and it is still overcast so we may get some more.  It is 75 degrees now.  Windows are open and it feels good.  It has been over a week since it has been down to 75 even at night, I think.  KY3 says cooler tomorrow and next week.  I am ready.

Canon SX40 Powershot

Is $379 at Wally world.

Betty can buy me one of these.

July 7

Graveyard shift...

We went to the cemetery this morning to put tree killer on some of the trees that have sprouted since 'we' cut them last spring.

We got down there about 9:30 and it was already over 100 degrees out there.  I got really hot following George around telling him what to do next.  We stayed almost 2 hours.  I was ready to come to the house by that time and was glad when the saw ran out of gas.  There are a couple of grape vines coming back but I have roundup to spray on them.  I can do that by myself and get started before 9:30.

We got a strip about 12 feet wide on this end done before the saw and both of us ran out of gas.  And, we ran out of the stump killer.  The weeds have grown up some, but they are not nearly as bad and the sprouts where he cut down the trees.  We will get more stump killer and go back and finish, maybe on a cooler day.  They say next week is going to be better.

Dan said someone went down there last Sunday.  There were plastic things on the McNeil graves.

This is the hand carved Chancy grave.  She was a daughter of the Joel McNeil that owned part of this land in the 1860's.

And, they uncovered the Leathers children's stone that I knew was there but could not find.

It was not around the edge of the cemetery like I thought.  It was over by the stacked stone graves that have fallen in over by the tree closer to Jacob Shank's grave.  

We saw this mama and her one baby at Dan's pond down in the draw.  I bet she is the one we we saw on our pond a couple of days ago.  

Friday, July 06, 2012

For Helen

To check your computer for the DNS mailware that is supposed to hit July 9, go here

and click on the link they give.

You agree to the terms and then it runs a check that only takes a couple of seconds.  If you are ok, the banner will be green.  If not OK, the banner will be red and there will be a link to fix the problem.

I think any new computer will be ok.

July 6

This morning I wanted to walk to the pond up on the rock quarry again to see if I could catch the deer getting a drink.  I thought I was starting off early, but when I got to the neighbors, he was already out watering his garden.  I have decided if the neighbor is already at work in the garden, it is probably not early.

So, I went on up to the pond and sat in the briers on bank for over 2 hours.  All I saw at the pond was a few birds, and bunch of bugs and 2 or 3 fish fishing for the bugs.

When I came back down, brother and Kathy were sitting on the porch and asked if I had seen anything.  They said they saw some deer cross Dan's field and a bobcat there by the house.  I said I did not see anything at the pond, but on the way back saw two bucks on the road David made down to the old Hampton barn.  They asked if they were big bucks.  I said they were both good sized and both had antlers and one had a pretty good sized rack.

When I got home and put the pictures on the computer, this was the two big bucks with racks.

I saw bucks with racks, but the camera says fawns with spots.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Down on the pond

Getting a drink and eating the swamp grass just like the goats do.

July 5

Vacation.  I am taking today and tomorrow off for a little vacation and I am not going to do anything.  Not even go get the babies.  I guess I will probably get them next weekend, but for now, I am just sitting, not doing and not going.

Yesterday, I took a walk up on the hill early in the morning,  This morning I watered the flowers, watered the Dogwood tree and refilled the hummer's feeders.

Clayton was peeling apples yesterday to make apple pie.  He said his apple tree fell over from being so heavy with apples so he was using some of them.  He said I should get some and make a pie, but I thought I could just wait and eat some of his pie.  So far, I have not even done that.  

Yesterday, I made ham and beans, fired potatoes and cornbread for supper.  And I made a Angel Food cake with Betty's help.  We were here by ourselves yesterday and we enjoyed that.  Greg only gets the one day off and the other son is doing something with his kids, not sure just what, but something they would think was a fun thing.  We did not see many fireworks in the sky last night like a usually 4th.  And no grass fires either that we saw.

Today, I am thinking I am go through my material and try to make order of the mess.  I am trying to make Hannah some summer dresses with material I have had for sometime [3 or 4 years?].  I have one almost finished but I think I need to wait till she is here to try them on to  finish it.  I think from looking at it, the neckline is too high.  It would be easier to fix new straps  than take off ones that were too short and put on new ones.

I think since Helen has a new computer and no job, she needs to make a post every day, or maybe even two posts a day.