Thursday, August 09, 2018


Has been under the weather.  Saturday, Aug 4, he was limping. By Sunday, he was carrying his back left leg.  I felt of it and found the foot was very sore.  Sister and I searched on the net and decided he had foot rot infection.  She shot him with penicillin sunday and monday. He was better sunday and was barely giving on that leg yesterday. Steve from work came out yesterday and shot him with a200, a more powerful antibiotic and trimmed his feet.  He is much improved today.  So much so that I am thinking now he just stepped on something and hurt the foot. We will have him a year Aug 27. He is a fine Billy and I would hate to loose him.

Today, I am off work going to Pam 's funeral. Then sister and I are setting up food for the family at her sisters house. Gotta go get started.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

New things at my house

This is the tub/shower and my towel holders. The wall hanging starfish are cast iron from a fleemarket in Harrison and the towel holder on the floor is a 50 cent wire file or record holder.  I think it is a record holder, Helen thinks file holder.  Anyway, it makes a neat towel holder here by the tub.

Bigger view.

Closet view.  No closet door yet, but I have one that matches the bath door. 

Pretty light above the vanity that now wroks.


Bedroom re-arranged.


The cross on the wall is another cast iron piece. I got the magazine holder yesterday at a fleemarket for 8.50 and painted it and the chair I have had for years in a green shade.  They are both bent wood.  I am going to put towels in the magazine holder.  I don't know what I may do with the chair, but I think I will antique both with a light shade of gray.  They look much to  bright to me.

a little flower holder and flowers from my yard. That is the new vent on the wall.

It all is so very nice, and CLEAN.

We saw this at the flee market.  Looks like Poor boys and brother Gilbert.  If you would like to purchase this, it would set you back just $50 shy of $2000.  A real bargain.