Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday, Setting Hen Day

The little banty started setting and kept running the big hen off the nest.  I got eggs from Patsy yesterday and tonight they are setting on 2 different nests.  If they will just stay that way.  Next Sunday or Monday the big hen will hatch chickens if the eggs did not ruin while they were fighting over the nest.  The little banty was not big enough to cover all the eggs.  We will see.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Black Oak Cemetery Clean Up day

George got the brush cut today and we put stump killer on all the hedge apple stumps plus the others he cut down.

We did not get any of the holes filled in or the stones reset, but son got the one stone out of the hole so we can fill it in and reset the stone on solid ground.  He said when we get the grave filled in, he would go back down there and put it back in place.

George wanted before and after pictures.  The before does not look too bad if you remember what it looked like two years ago, but most of the brush that had grown up was those thorny hedge apples and were really a mess.

We got most of the brush hauled off, but will have to go back and get one more load.  What we cut is all pilled around the outside of the fence now.