Friday, February 13, 2015

Everybody is sick

Robert was first with a really bad cough and fever, then Papa, and tonight Hannah is coughing her head off.  Happy Valentines Day.

I got Emmy and Hannah from school and took Em to a friend's in Hollister.  I went to the big W up there and got a few groceries plus real-tree sheets for the boys room and new crazy zigzag sheets for Hannah.  Looking at them on the bed makes me dizzy. I bought me some new underware and a set of nice P. J.'s.  But, I did not get home with my stuff.  I will either go back tomorrow after them or have Son get them Sunday when he retrieves the girl.

I checked on the neighbor's house at noon, and it was fine.  The living room was about 50 degrees and the bath and kitchen were toasty.

I did not go to work today because of the sick boys.  I made good use of the morning and got the house cleaned and my room straightened up.  It was really piled up, but looks nice now.

I have not walked the last two days.  I may have to walk 10 miles tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


I got the package.  Some of them fit and some are too small. I will save them and you can wear them when you get back here.  Several people have asked about you at Church.  Joyce asks every time I see her.

Robert has been sick all week with a cough and fever.  He is not running a fever now, but is still coughing.  And George is sick with the same thing.  I am going to have to make George go to the doctor.

I have been walking all week, but today I am  supposed to go buy groceries.  I may have to take George and the boy to the doctor instead.

Anyway, I am at mile 149 on my trip, about 12 miles from Waynesville, Missouri

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Home for Christmas

Sister suggested that as long as I am walking everyday, I should pick a destination and map my  progress towards that end.  In searching my imagination for possible destinations, I looked for the place and person I would most like to visit. I have decided that in the year 2015, I want to spend Christmas Day with Charles and Sarah Powell in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I am going home for Christmas, by way of Perryville, Kentucky and South Boston, Virginia, visiting relatives along the way.

Fredericksburg is about 1160 miles from my home, so if I walk 100 plus miles each month, I can make it by Christmas.  It is a good thing I started early.  I left here on the first day of the year, and by the end of the day January 3rd, I was a couple of miles past Burlington, Arkansas.  By January 22, I was on I-44, just past Springfield, Missouri.  A couple of days ago, I passed Lebanon, on my way to St. Louis, where I will be about 310 miles from home.  Yesterday, I made it to mile 141,where I camped on the Eastern bank of the Gasconade River. I am now almost halfway to St. Louis. 

Route 66 bridge over Gasconade River.

I used Google to find my mileage between points.  They suggested I might want to book a flight and that a walk like this could be very dangerous.  Still, I am undeterred. 

Today, in Lebanon, it is supposed to be about 55 degrees.  Good walking weather.

I have always wanted to see Yellowstone.  I think that will be my next destination.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Early Sunday Morning...

At five this morning, I awoke and jumped out of bed thinking I was late for work  Then, I remembered this was Sunday morning.  I could not get back to sleep, so at 6, with a bright moon out, I went for a walk, up the Meek Hill then on over to Coin Bridge.  This is taken at the top of Meek Hill just before I started down the hill towards Jr. Snow's.  If you enlarge it, you can see our lights on the left of the pic.  I think my light is the third one from the right.  The other two I think are Dan's house and his barn.

JR's horses.

Hannah has been decorating her room.  She was really proud of her design.  She said, "I did it myself."

Glorious Day

We went to the Elk center at Jasper and the kids loved seeing all the animals (dead) and the big cat fish in the tanks.  Plus I bought Tim Ernst's Waterfall book and got a bunch of free maps.  Then we went on to Twin Falls by Camp Orr on the Buffalo, to Natural Bridge and on to Kings River Falls.  All three kids had a great time and so did the  old folks.

But the best pictures was taken just a mile from home.