Friday, September 12, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Greg

I went to KFC and got a chicken bucket and a cake so the kids could have a birthday dinner for Daddy.  He is still asleep as he works nights.  They will wake him up soon and sing happy birthday and eat the cake.  We will have a big party Saturday when our little boy will be 9.

It is raining and cooling off.  I am glad it is cooler, but I did not walk tonight.

I am tired as I sat up last night and read a book on the computer.  It was An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff.  It was a good book.

I think I will look for more books tomorrow night, but not tonight.  The net does seem slower tonight because of that slowdown thingy.\

One more day and then go home early day.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Back to school, back to work

Gilbert came over this weekend and attached my bartop to the cabinets.  It is level and secure now.  Even Robert thought it was great.

Robert is liking school better this year.  His Daddy helps him with his homework and he likes that.

I had not been getting any eggs, so I have locked the chickens back in the house.  I got three eggs today. I think I will leave them locked up for a couple of weeks this time.  I have 3 setting hens that have been setting on no eggs for a month.  I guess I should put them in a cage and break them up, but I have not.  Anyway, I got 3 big brown eggs today.  The brown eggs are so much prettier than the white ones.

Next week is little grandboy's graduation from Marine basic.  Jr and Em are going out to San Diego to see graduation, then he will be home for a few days before he goes on for more training.  I bet he is ready for a break.  Dad and Em are ready to see him.  We will all be glad when basic is over and we get to see him again.  Then, maybe after this he can at least call home once in a while.  We are not very good at writing.

It is starting to cool off.  It will be fall soon.  I am ready. I like cool and warm but not hot or cold.