Saturday, April 12, 2014

All the girls...

Sandy, our largest nanny.

Little Red, soon to be Big Red.

Big White, our second largest nanny.  She would be a good milker, if someone wanted to milk her.  She has given us two good nannies.

Holly, Big White's December baby.

Patsy, from Big White, St. Pat's day, last year.

Boots, Patsy's nanny born on Christmas Day.

Little Sis and her daughter, CC.

CC again.  She is our smallest youngster.  She is colored almost exactly like her mama, down to the off set brown coloring on her face.

Herd Mama.  She has a sturdier build than her daughter, Little Sis.

June, Bertha's October baby.  She is pretty and well formed.

Baby Grey has the same triangular build as her mama, Lady Grey.

Five of the 2013 nannies.

Friday, April 11, 2014

White Kids...

I have decided on names.

White Head and Black Head.

And Red Head, with new bike bought with part of the goat money.  I went ahead and took them to get the bikes yesterday after school because I need to go buy groceries Saturday.

Red Headed boy never wants to go with me when I go grocery shopping.  He really, really enjoyed riding the bike, even more than Hannah.  I thought it would be the other way.

Down Hill Racing.

White Head and Red Head.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hannah wore the pretty dress to school today...

She just loves it.

And the rest of the story...

Got our goat check today.  They grossed $470, but after the fees we got $412.  I am going to take the kids Saturday and buy them new bikes with the money.  I offered Patsy the check but she did not want it.

This is how they sold:
Bertha's Black Billy [wether] 2 yrs  - $97.50
Big White's Little White Billy born Dec - $75
Little Sis' Half and Half [wether] 1 yr - $70
Big White Billy - 1 yr - $60
Bertha's Black Jack [wether] born Feb 2013 - $44
Patsy's Spotted Billy born Dec - $44
Little Sis's Black Billy born Dec - $40
Bertha's Johnny [wether] born Oct - $39

I can see them all here except for Lil' Sis' black billy born in December.

Billies for Sale...

Two Billies just born a few minutes here.

They were still wet. Born around 3 today.  This time she went to the barn.

It is not a ladies only club any longer.