Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patsy's Garden

This is the one flower that lived of the ones I got at Patsy's old house last year. Patsy says it is butter and eggs or wild snapdragon. I searched for information about this butter and eggs and it is classified as an obnoxious weed. The only thing is, that plant has flowers that are about 1 inch long and look like a snapdragon flower. I have not seen the flower on this plant either at Pat's or here, but this one is budded out and ready to bloom. The blooms are tiny little (about an eighth of an inch across) things all clustered at the top of the plant. I don't see how these can bloom out into 1 inch blooms. I think I will officially dub this the 'What's This' flower.

This is where I planted the little piece of Patsy's pink rose I was able to get. You can barely see it in this picture. It is the 'stick' next to the metal pole. It has really good cow barn dirt here that George got me last year from the old barn site. I think I can get it to grow here.

This is Patsy's pink rose by the front porch after I cut it back to make it easier to dig up a piece of it. I still did not get a very good root, but I think if I baby it this summer, I can get it to live.

This is Patsy's garden down by the red dirt road. I made George get me some barn dirt for this too. This is all iris, orange day lilies, and daffodils that I think will grow without regular watering. This is down by the road and it is a lot of trouble to drag a water hose down there. There is also a forthsyia, 2 roses and another unknown bush from Patsy's place here. I have added hay for a mulch around the outside and I think I can get this stuff to grow here. We planted red clover all along this bank, but I don't know if it will grow either. George put red Clay and railroad ties here because it washes so much. I planted the clover, hoping to get something besides weeds to grow because he can not mow it. Actually, most weeds will not even grow in red clay. I may try the 'What's This' down here.