Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Goats..

All 10
Big White
Holly [Big White's dau]
Boots [black nanny]
June Bug [brown nanny]
Little Red
plus the new kids, Sonny, Cher and Little Miracle.

Big White and Holly.  Holly will soon be two years old.

Patsy, mother of our new billy.

Boots, out of Patsy and Bertha's Black Billy, almost 2 years old.

June Bug, out of Patsy and Hot Rod, 1 year old in June.

Lil Red, she is lost without her Mama.

Our first baby of the year.  Robert dubbed her Miracle.

Cher, out of Patsy and Sir Arthur, brother to Sonny. 

Sonny, our new billy, out of Patsy and Sir Arthur.

And The Boss.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I walk...

Eight hundred and eighty four miles this year.  Last week I did not walk 3 days in a row, but I am trying to get back on track.  On weekends, I start before sunup and try to go 6 miles Saturday and Sunday.  During the week, I try for 4 miles each day.  This week I am going to do better..  I have logged 80 miles this month, with only 3 more months to go to the 1250 miles to Fredericksburrg.

Early in the morning, I see lots of beautiful days begin.

You know, people are strange.  Has anyone noticed that I have not been posting so much lately?  Well, the reason is rather odd.  I like my new little tablet / computer for playing on the web, although it does not work so well for real work.  I does not even work as well for dead people tracking, because it is harder to save what I find.  But, most of my posts were made on this tablet in the evening from my bedroom while the kids take over the living room. Last month, the tablet decided it would not connect to our network from the bedroom.  To use it on the web, I have to take it to the living room to connect. After it connects, I can take it anywhere in the house and use it, but can only connect from the living room.  That takes all of 1 or 2 minutes, but it has made me less likely to use the tablet. Odd.

This morning, I am awake early.  If it was the weekend, I would start my walk, but today I go to work.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sold Goats

We have been busy downsizing our goat herd.  On Friday, September 12, we sold 6 grown nannies and the 2 little billies that belong to Little Sister.  All together they brought $570.  Big Red brought the most at $100.  Next was the white goat with brown spotted head from Little Sister at $75.  Little Sister brought $67.50, and her billies brought the same each.  The little grey nannie from Bertha brought $72.50, and the two littlest nannies brought $60 each.  We thought about taking them to the goat sale at Harrison, but ended up taking them to Marble.

We gave Little Grey and her Grey Billy to Kelly.

We sold Baby Grey to JT and Linda for $50 and gave them her billy.

Now we have 10 goats total, 7 grown nannies, 2 young nanny kids, and one 3 month old billy.  I need to take a picture of the ones we have left but for now, here is a picture of the herd before downsizing.