Saturday, August 20, 2016

What do you have to loose...

If Trump is elected?  Freedom.

Freedom to speak.
Freedom of the press.
Freedom to vote.
Freedom to descent.
Freedom  of and from religion.
Freedom to marry.
Freedom of assembly.
Freedom to petition.
Freedom  to protest the government.

Trump and other republicans have all voiced support for and supported laws intended to limit these rights.  The only right they support completely is the right to carry a gun whenever and wherever one pleases and use it to kill other people.  Especially if those others look, speak, act or hold beliefs  that are not the same as your own looks, actions, or beliefs.

I have often said, the world would be a much better place if everyone was just like me. To me this is a joke.To some, this is the core of their belief.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


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Stay Tuned

Trump has his first security briefing today.  In a few days we will all know what he was told, or some version thereof.

Tonight is princess night at Church,  All the little girls around Hannah's age are going to Sister Joyce's for a meal and manners.  She is supposed to ware a dress.  Usually we ware shorts on Wednesday night during the summer.  She was all excited about it this week end.  Tonight, not so much.  I may have to make her ware a dress.

School was good  today, according to both kids.  They come home in really good spirits.  Dog is so excited to see them and vice versa.

I am taking chicken tonight.  I wasn't going to, but they were finishing a cook-off just before go home time, so I packed up some for the Church kids.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Take the test

The Donald said this week he wants to subject people coming to his country to a test, a "new screening test to admit only those who support U.S. laws and values"  And. "Those who do not believe in our Constitution or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country."  I think he would likely not pass his own test.  Besides, immigrants already have to say they will support the Constitution for entry.

May he should try saying the pledge like we do at Church, "with liberty and justice for all".

A 4th grade reader

Hannah brought this chapter book home tonight and is up to chapter 4 already. I have ordered her a set of little house books online.  They should be here next week.  I think it was nosey teacher sister that siced her onto little house.

I an making bread for our birthday dinner at work romorrow.  And cinnamon rolls for boy. Hannah turned up her nose at both.

Tomorrow is camel day.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Things I did not know until today

One of them I even learned from Helen.

The Donald's SIL's father spent 2 years in prison in recent years for tax fraud, illegal  campaign contributions and some other money fraud issue.  Chris Christy as Attorney General of NJ negotiate his plea deal.

Clinton's SIL's father is also an ex-con on a money fraud scram. I think he served 5 years.

Both these men are Jewish, money donating Democrats [millions of $], and the last one was even an elected congressman from Iowa.

And Clinton's SIL made his money managing hedge funds.

This  just blows my mind.  Not about the SILs, but that Helen knew something I did not know.

In case you are wondering about these crazy posts of late, Helen said she has been missing Patsy's comments about the headlines, so I thought I would post some Patsy like thoughts.

From Turmp's #1 news source

Home again 2

Both said they had a great day.
Robert said it was fun

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Home again

First day of school

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Goat news

Yesterday George and the kids sold crippled Billy over at the Huntsville sale.  They stayed and watched him sell.  He brought $150.  We thought that was pretty good considering his hurt leg.  When we loaded him, he was walking better than he has in a while.  I was surprised he brought that much.

This is Chocolate Milk, our replacement billy.  On the right is his mama, Holly, and behind him is his grandmother, Big White.  Big White is the only goat we have left of our starter goats.  We now have 5 grown nannies, and 5 young nannies born this year, plus one billy.  I guess that is 11 goats.  They will start having babies in December.

The tomatoes are about done.  I still have green peppers and hot peppers.  I am going to pick hot peppers for Helen's freezer this afternoon.  

Helen's kids have to be out of their new house Monday.  Helen says they have it all worked out and have almost everything done.  I guess it is  a week before they get to move into the new house.  Helen, we need to see pics of the new house.