Monday, August 15, 2016

Things I did not know until today

One of them I even learned from Helen.

The Donald's SIL's father spent 2 years in prison in recent years for tax fraud, illegal  campaign contributions and some other money fraud issue.  Chris Christy as Attorney General of NJ negotiate his plea deal.

Clinton's SIL's father is also an ex-con on a money fraud scram. I think he served 5 years.

Both these men are Jewish, money donating Democrats [millions of $], and the last one was even an elected congressman from Iowa.

And Clinton's SIL made his money managing hedge funds.

This  just blows my mind.  Not about the SILs, but that Helen knew something I did not know.

In case you are wondering about these crazy posts of late, Helen said she has been missing Patsy's comments about the headlines, so I thought I would post some Patsy like thoughts.


Sister--Three said...

I did not know these items either!

Erin said...

I knew that bout clintons son in law. Wikipedia