Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Ladies

The three June Ladies, June Bug, Snow White, and Dolly.  I don't think any of our nannies are bred, which is a good thing.  We wanted to get a new, unrelated to anybody, billy this fall and have all the kids in the spring.  Maybe that will workout. 

Naked Ladies blooming all over in the front.  They are really pretty.

Thanks to the goats, only one Rose of Sharon is blooming right now.  Maybe more will come on later.

Going to be a lazy weekend.  I have nothing on my schedule for the next two days.  Right now, only Amanda, Hannah and Robert are here. Other kids are at son's or Helen's.  I am thinking a lazy weekend.

More Church Pictures

From last Sunday.  I took the kids to Sunday School and they liked that better than Church.  And, this time Robert only asked 'Is it over yet' a half dozen times.

I sent Lane some of these pictures, which was the reason for taking them in the first place.

Son ordered a full load of chat for his place.  I am not sure where it goes, but for now it is a small hill in his driveway.  The kids all loved riding Robert's bike down it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lane, CORRECTED ZIP is 92140

is really homesick.  I have never heard a kid cry so much in writing.

We should all write him.

RCT Aday, Steven L.
3rd RCT BN, KILO Co. PLT 3226
38990 Midway Ave.
San Diego, CA 92140-3225

If you write, do not mention Uncle Clayton.  His Daddy decided not to tell him until they see him in September.

OK, HE HAD HIS ZIP WRONG.  92140 is the correct zip for to write  him.  Thanks to his Dad and Missy for the corrections.

I took some pics to send him.  Uploaded the to Wally  world and will get them tomorrow.

His best side.

JR has had a rough week, lots of work, not much sleep. 

Grandpa looking better every day.

Helen, no carport

No call.  No nothing.

But, Emmy sold her dog.  Her Dad took her to get a new phone.  Don't know if she got it or not.

At  6, me and Hannah gave up on the carport and went to Wally's Place to get some groceries.  Oh, and we got all their school supplies and new back packs. Hannah got about a half dozen new summer tops that were on clearance. Robert got a new pair of Wrangler jean shorts and one new pair of Jeans.  Hannah loved  her stuff.  Robert said. 'Really? You're kidding me.'  He is not ready for school again.  I got him size 10 jeans and they just barely fit around the waist.

And, I found Robert's good shoes.  I bought him new shoes just a couple of months before school was out, but they disappeared over a week ago and I could not find them anywhere.  They were under his bed.  I don't know why I had not looked there except I thought he had left them at the neighbors or in one of the cars.  I bought him a couple of new pair in the mean time, so now he has lots of shoes.

The weather had been unseasonably cool but is supposed to be back to July weather today.