Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - Going Down

It is now or never. Today is the day to do what you need to do in 2015.  Of course, that pic is not recent as I am at work, but it is one of mine and I think it is a sunset.

At the start of 2015 I told you of things planned for 2015, so today I am checking my progress.  Here is what I said I would do:

1.  Log the miles I walk -  Done, at 2011 as of last night
2.  15 minutes or maybe 30 minutes of strength training a day - One week only so not done
3.   Eat healthy, 5 vegetables and fruit each day - started off good, fell by the wayside around August
4.  Post on my blog at least every two days - Well, more like twice a month
5.  Read the Bible -  Read the Old Testament and studying New Testament at Sunday Bible Study  so
                                 I guess this is Half Baked 

Tomorrow I will post my plans for 2016.  And, hopefully a 2016 new year's sunrise.

Updte, and, while enjoying one of my favorite work pastimes, I came across this to steal.

A few of Fleta's favorite things...

If Oprah can, I can also.

I love photography.  In the last 5 years, I have invested over $5000 in Canon cameras.  The last one because my go to camera had begun giving error message, can not read the SD card.  Sometimes I could get it to work, sometimes not.  Hannah now has that camera that cost $500 at Christmas time 2013 and I have the next step at Cannon SX60 found on clearance at our little Wallyworld at $150 less than the going rate online.  This was my Christmas present this year.  Well, I guess I would need to identify it as half George’s present, as he did not get anything.  I spent our entire Christmas budget on this one camera.

I enjoy looking at other’s photos on the web, somewhat like Sister Patsy loved spying on other bloggers from all over the world.  If you look at the blog links on her page, you will see many of them identified by their location.  She has many cities plus Russia, Vietnam, and India.  [on that vein, all three of these have ceased posting to their blogs.]  Sometimes, at work especially, I go through the links on her blog to see what I am missing.

One of my favorite photo spots on the web is Capture Arkansas.  Today I found this photographer from Searcy County.

Have a look and see his magnificent photos.  Many of the photographers that post to this site have equipment in the 5 figure range.  Several seem to waste even more time than Fleta going around the state taking photos for no real purpose except their own enjoyment of the hobby.

My ID there is twoaday
but I posted a half dozen photos when I signed up and have not posted anything since.  It takes time to do that, and I am not sure I still have my password.

Anyway, wonder on over and have a look at our beautiful state through the eyes of some really talented photographers.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bound for the Kingdom

It was back to regular Wednesday night Bible study. We had a really good turnout, 10 old adults and 22 children. Some I had not seen for a while including the little girl with the unruly hair. Marie said her name is Heather and she is a sister to Katherine, David and Bubba. I told her we were glad to see her back and hoped she could join us more often. She looked like someone has taken more interest in taking care of her than she did last summer. Her hair looked much better.

Elijah was there  behind Pam. Not sure who girl next to Ethany is, but I think she came to VBS.

Also not sure who the blonde on the right is.

They also sang I"ll Fly Away.

Next Wednesday I am taking treats.  I think I will take chicken, cake and jello.

Me, Me, Me

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Sister and I were discussing searching for people and images of people on the web.  I told her that anyone could find me with a simple google search if they knew my name. The first page of results for my name search returned 5 images at the top of the page that are all actually me and 9 web page results that are all actually relate to me.  This is very unusual, in that often google does not return any actual true identity results with a name only search. Case in point, when I search sister's name, I get 1 of 5 images that is actually her.  And, the web page results are dominated by obituaries in her name.  If she has not passed in the last couple of hours, those are not sister mine. Searching on other sister's name got even less relevant results, but there was, again, one true image of her lovely face.  Try this with your own name, using name only, and see what you get.

Search Results

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Monday, December 28, 2015

And the Creek did rise...

Coin Bridge, pavement washed out.

At the bridge, turn around don't drown.

The bottom land by Fry's just past the Coin Bridge.

The slab over by Smother's, towards Denver.

George took the kids out to see the drowned ducks this evening.  I stayed home, warm and dry.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hannah's new bed

Hannah picked out this new bed for Christmas.  Daddy and Grandpa got it for her last weekend.

She loves it but she should, she picked it our herself.  She has pretty pink curtains for the window, but he prefers this throw.  I guess to  block out the light at night.

With her head phones and new galaxey tab tablet.

Water, Water

It has rained over 5 inches since yesterday around noon.  Rained all day today.  Pond is going out the spillway.  Creeks are way up.  I did not go to Church today.  Would have had to take the looooong way around by Denver Road, 32 miles round trip.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Walk on!

The red dirt road. Today my walking log reads 1200 miles logged since January 1.  That is 3.35 miles a day, except many days I did not walk at all.  I had 118 days with zero miles.

I am saying I am now in Stafford County, Virginia enjoying a Christmas visit with Charles and Sarah.  I was wondering what they might be doing in 1770 at Christmas time in a poor farmer's home.  It seems they would  be drinking and making merry, at least Charles was likely enjoying the drink.

The Looters...

They got all kinds of loot and both have a tablet each and each now has their own XBox. But it is most fun to play together.  Robert got the game chair and they both love it.  You will notice the boss is siting in it.  They are having a wonderful time playing this race car game.

Son next door cooked the ham and I cooked all the rest.  I made scalloped potatoes, veggies in cheese sauce, green beans with drippings, mashed potatoes, rolls, and Duncan Hines carrot cake.  Next time it will be ham, potatoes and bread. We ate some of the other things, as JR said, we are simple people.  Ham, potatoes and bread people.

If you are thinking of buying one of the expensive carrot cake mixes, don't bother.  It was dry and tasteless.  Bread and ham were both great. Oh, and Emmy says she made the ham, but I did not believe her.

She brought her phone up here and we all got to have face time with Lane and Summer.  They really looked happy.

December 25, 2015

Green Forest, Arkansas.

Full Moon over us all.

Steven Lane Aday and Summer Cotant were married today in Okinawa, Japan.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Just waiting...

In the PJ's Aunt Helen sent.  Robert said, 'I had been wanting these.' No, really, he did.  They both loved them and Robert has already put his stickers on his door.  This is the only thing we let them unwarp.  Now they will look pretty for pics in the morning.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Address for Helen


MWCS – 18 MACG – 181 MAW

CEM, UNIT 37181

FPO AP 96373-7181

note: it takes over a week for mail to get to him, in the best of times.  Prby would take 2 weeks this time of year.  Still don't know if he got my Christmas cookies I sent Dec 5.