Friday, January 01, 2016

Resolute 2016

Starting anew.  In 2016 I plan to:

1. Walk 3 mile a day on work days, more on other days, log my miles, and have no more than 52 days in the year with 0 miles
2. Do 1 hour of arm strength training each week and log that into my log
3. Pick up trash on the 15 miles I did last year, plus the Douglas road and the road from Coin Church to Hwy 62
4. Eat healthier, counting 5 fruits/vegetables per day, and cut way back on sugar
5. Post to this blog more often
6. Read the New Testament
7. Update, already, post to our family history blog once each week


Sister--Three said...

I like em all.

Hope you do succeed.

Think you should add be sweet to my two sisters!

Sister--Helen said...

my 2016 pledge..I vow to remind Fleta any time she lags behind....