Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chicken Alaska

Is still a town in Alaska.  Census population in 2010 was seven, but their website says typical population is about 17 year round and 100 in summer when the gold miners still come to find gold.

It is way over on the border by Canada.  They have no electricity, no phone service and no indoor plumbing, but they have had a post office with regular mail delivery since 1906.  When Anne was teaching there, it was by pack mule and dog sled, but today it is two days a week by plane.  Or I think they said plane.

After reading the book, I wanted to see where it was, but I also wanted to know what happened to the two Indian children that Anne adopted.  Anne died in the 1980's, but I found online where she said the boy died of TB after he was grown.  His mother also died of TB and that is how Anne came to take the children.  The girl was living in Texas, and I think had a family.

You can google Chicken Alaska and find some fun things about the town.

Read the book.  It is really interesting.


Saturday, September 22

Today was a beautiful day.  Did not get the babies this weekend.  Son bought Emmy a Kindle Fire so me and her went today and got a case for it.  Son paid part, but Grandma paid part because the one she wanted was more than what he had given her.   If I did not have the laptop to download books on, I might get a Kindle.  It is pretty neat.

I cooked pot roast and veggies today, with bread and cinnamon rolls.  Took some up to brother, but he had already eaten supper.  He can have them for Sunday dinner.  He will be really old Monday.

And, I took a nap this afternoon.  Just did whatever I wanted to.

I have been downloading books, but not having much luck finding ones I like.  The Unquenchable Thirst by Mary Johnson, the ex Nun was a disappointment.  The first part of the book told about the life of a Nun which was very interesting.  I don't guess I have ever read a detailed account about a Nun's life. Not many Nun's write tell all books.  But, anyway, by the time I finished the first 10 years or so of the book, I did not much like this Mary.  I do not enjoy reading a book written by someone I do not like.  I sort of think, you have to weak minded to live a life of blind, unquestioning obedience.

But, then I found one I really enjoyed.  It is named Tisha and is about a year in the life of a 19 year old teacher that went to Alaska to teach in a village called Chicken in 1927. It was such an interesting and exciting book, I do not understand why someone had not made a movie of this book.

I have some other books downloaded, so I am going to try to read one of those tonight.  Or maybe I will just watch the Mittster make a fool of himself on the telly again.  He is always good for a laugh.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday, September 20

Week almost over for us working folks.  Weather is much better now that it is not so hot, but no more rain.

Not much news.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, September 18

I have been seeing deer in Dan's field as I walk out the road in the evening but I have not had my camera along.  Today, I took the camera so there were no deer.

I think the Mittster is Sarah in a suit and tie.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, Monday

In cleaning out the pond, son found this old bottle, I guess it is a soda bottle, but it does not have nay identifying marks or printing on it.  On the bottom, it says Duraglas, which I found is a glass maker.  Then it has some numbers that the net says means the bottle was made in a glass factory in Illinois, but nothing about what might have been in the bottle.  The white glass jar says Rexall Shampoo.  I remember bottles like this but I was thinking it was hand lotion.  

Patsy will be glad, the sun is finally peaking out through the overcast just now.  We got about an inch and a quarter to inch and a half of rain over the week end.  And, it has cooled down.  I am glad.  I like fall much better than summer.  As I get older, I do not do hot or cold very well.