Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Boy is half way around the world plus 2

Lane landed in Japan, almost exactly half way round the world from Arkansas, sometime Friday or Saturday, depending on which side of the Pacific you were standing on.

Okinawa, Japan is 14 hours ahead of Arkansas
11:06 AM Wednesday, in Arkansas is
1:06 AM Thursday, in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
George has been talking to him on facebook. I want to ask him what tomorrow will bring.  He is already there, tomorrow that is.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot

It is so hot I am not even trying to walk tonight.  Last week I walked 26 miles total, but 14 of that was on Sat and Sun, early in the morning.  I think today was the  hottest day we have.

George took the kids to the community pool at BRV this evening.  I hope they appreciate him doing that.  I appreciate it because  he is going to grab burgers on the way home so I do not have to cook.  I had a chicken sandwich with charity chicken I brought home from work.  I had slices of  Helen's tomato with it.  The tomato was delicious.

Saturday we bought material for curtains for Hannah at the discount material place Helen found with hints from Ruth at Church.  They are very pretty and only cost $3 total.  And, Aunt Helen made them so it was really easy.