Saturday, October 01, 2011

For Helen

Helen thought I was confused and this was actually Frankie, not Donnie.  She said this and the other person I said was Frankie was the same person.  But if you look closely, in this photo he has Donnie written on his shirt pocket.

And, in this one Frankie has his name written on his sleeve.  

And, here is another one I took of them standing together, and anyone can see they both have their names on their shirts.  I don't know why I did not notice they had their names on their shirts before.  

New pictures of old people

Happy birthday to Kenny,  Sixty three years.  This is Lois, Frances' sister, Virginia Lee behind Kenny, and Rusty, Frankie's son-in-law beside Virginia.

Donnie, Virginia, Bobby.

Bobby, close up, for Helen.

Old grouch.  Helen, she looked good and behaved herself, for the most part.   Thanks to Sammy for hauling her around.

Lois, Kenny, and Rusty Hooten.

Frankie and Patsy.

Jimmy, in the blue shirt across the table.

Tracy, Frankie's daughter with her daughter sitting on her lap.  The daughter, Frankie's granddaughter, looks just like Tracy did when she was a kid.

 Jimmy, in blue shirt, Tracy and her daughter again.

That is all I took.  I mostly talked and did not have time to take pictures.

Betty, I told them you could not be there because you had to see a man about a dog.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fayrene Farmer (1929-2011)

They had her service today.  Her obit is here

I was thinking, there are not that many of my teachers still living.

Mrs. Bessie Atchley,1st grade, deceased 
Miss Hettie Bell Eldridge, 2nd grade, deceased
Mrs. Joyce Conley, 3rd grade, deceased
Mrs. Geneva Waterman, 4th grade (b. Nov 8, 1907 d. July 20, 2001)
Mrs. Alice Widner, 5th grade, Johnny's wife, deceased
Mr. Wheeler, 6th grade, ? not sure
Curley White and Mr. Medley, 7th grade, both deceased
Mr. Berry and Mr. Meador, 8th grade, both still living

High School, those I can remember
Mr. Huge Winkle, deceased, taught history, was principle
Sue Winkle, think she is still living, she didn't teach me much, because I do not even remember what she taught
Mr. Rue Griffith, deceased, not sure that I actually had him as a teacher, he was the superintendent
Mr. & Mrs. Smith taught science and English, both gone, both good teachers
Mr. Sam Medley, above Mr. Medley's son, at least I think it was Sam, think he is still living
I forget the name of the home ec teacher, but I did not take home ec anyway
Mr. Kent, from Mt. Judea, deceased
Johnny Widner and Mr. Grimm sometimes taught PE as well as sports, both gone

Fayrene taught typing, business courses, and was over the newspaper and annual publication

I know I have more teachers than that, but I can not remember any others. It is odd that I can remember all my grade school teachers clearly, but the high school teachers have faded from my memory.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Road Map for Patsy

Here is where my puter stores my ebooks.

     My Digital Editions

You find the Documents folder, then click on the folder named My Digital Editions.

When you open that folder you will see the names of your ebooks. ALL of them, both returned and not.  To delete one, click on it and them click the X, or press delete.

Be sure not to delete one you still have check out or you will likely go to jail again.

If you get confused,don't do anything. Just wait and I will come over and help.  Maybe when I get off work tomorrow.

All the news in my world

This tree right across the road from my garden has turned beautifully red, it seems in just a day.  I do not remember it being this color yesterday.  All the other trees close by are still green with just a few leaves turning a little.  I asked George what kind of tree it was that was turning colors when all the others in sight are still green.  He first said, cherry, then no maple.  I said I know it is not maple.  We have no maple anywhere in the wild here, only planted yard maples.  Then he said I mean hickory.  Now you not nature tree people will not realize the truly unnaturalness of his statement.  The three trees are really nothing like each other.  I said whatever the kind of tree the reason it was turning when others were not was because of stress, ie lack of water.  I went down to look for myself to see what kind it really is.  It is a wild cherry, the top, from about 10 feet up the tree is turning.  The bottom part of the tree is still green.

Now Helen wants to know where she put her canned lice.  I can not imagine anyone canning lice and, if I lost a can of lice, I would count that as a blessing.

Winnie Jo says she will not be able to be here Saturday for the party.  I told her I would take pics and post for her.  Then I said I would make up outrageous stories about her to tell everyone.  Now, I guess I will be so busy filling them in on the canned lice mini series and will not have time for stories about anyone else.

I am still enjoying my ebooks, but not nearly at the rate that Patsy is.  I have googled library ebooks to try to find a little background concerning library ebook lending.  I found that the library has to buy the ebook just like regular books and each ebook 'coopy' can only be checked out to one person at a time.  If they want to check the ebook out to more than one person at a time, they have to buy more ebooks.  Also, even when you sent the ebooks back to the library, the actual file remains on your computer.  You have to go into the directory and delete them manually to actually get rid of them, but your ebook reader will not list them and you can not read them or even see them with the reader.

In my search, I found many links to free programs that remove the code from ebooks so that you can use them without restrictions.  I do not know as this would be all that useful to me at least as after I read the book, either E or Paper, I do not want to keep most of them.  With paper books, disposing of them can become a problem.  With ebooks I do not have that problem, but it did take me a little time to find where they were on the drive.  And, I can say that the free program to remove the protection works on library books.  Still, I am going to delete them when I get them read.  And, I have to make a trip to sister's house to show her where to find them.  OR, maybe I will just post where they are the blog.

And, I misread Betty's blog title.  I thought it said Second Coming and hurried right over to see the great event.  Cutting, cutting.  Kenneth was here this week cutting hay also.  I don't think they will get much. It is down but not baled yet.  I don't think the deer like the short pasture.

Stay tuned...    

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So deep.  The library link will not work at work.  That is really strange.  I can go to the overdrive part of the library website and look through the books there, but cannot get the our main library page to load from work.

Helen, come on to Arkansas and you will not have to can lice.  We have plenty of lice to last all year without having to can them for later.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Library Link

This is a link to our library

and this post is for me.  I sometimes like to go to our library site at work, but when I search for it on google and then click on the link, the page will not load.  I can go the the library 2 go link I posted last week, so I am hoping I can click on the above link and find my way to our library website.  I have no idea why it will not load from the google search page.

I now have two ebooks to read, Chinaberry Sidewalks by Rodney Crowell and The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  I think I may have tried to read the Sinclair book before and did not find it interesting, but we will see.

I searched for Betty's Elizabeth and Hazel book but they did not have it.


Yes, the table is new.  But, I bought it at a factory return outlet.  The leaf does not come out like it is supposed to is what was wrong with.  Was is the operative word.  George did not go with me to pick it up.  They loaded it and it got scratched on the way home because they did not know what they were doing.  If picky, picky husband had been there to load it would have arrived home unscathed.  I know I could take it back for a refund, but I can not get another like it so I am keeping it.  It looks really pretty and fits the space nicely.  I have worked on the scratch and it is not too noticeable now.  I can set a plate over the scratch because it is right where a place setting goes.

We now have 2 new windows put in since last Friday, noon.  Son came down yesterday and helped with one and help George take the air conditioner out.  We have one window left to replace in the living room and one in the back bedroom.  Almost done.

Sister and I are enjoying our ereading.  We will probably have all the ebooks read in a few months and have to start buying books.