Saturday, August 01, 2009

August Changes

One of the rose of sharon I got at Patsy's place is blooming. It is a double bloom and mine is a single bloom. I wonder if they will all be this color.

It is drizzeling rain and is supposed to rain all day.

The grandkids are gone again, I guess. I think the boyfriend got a new house somewhere and they went to stay with him. We will see. They have been gone 2 day. She stayed 3 weeks this time and that is a long time for her. She rolls in and out without logical reason. I think she may be brain dead.

George has not put out any sunflower seeds this week, so the birds are working my flowers. I have grown a couple dozen sun flowers. The birds really like them.

I have used some of the old hay to put around the flowers in my yard and it really helps keep the weeds from growing up. They look odd now with the hay piled under the flowers, but it will settle down in about a week and then they will look nice.

Patsy and Betty have removed their blog roll. I am not pleased. I looked at Patsy's blog first thing each morning because she usually has posted and her roll tells me if I need to look at any other blogs. My blog roll will stay, but it only updates when I post and I only post once a week. I may have to start posting a blog roll on post each day.