Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day

Fed the horse and then moved him across the road.

So he can have shelter, if he wants.  Although, I think he still stayed outside.  At least, he could get inside if he wants to.  Wore my Bass Pro boots.  They kept my feet dry and warm and have good traction.

Fed the goats and the chickens.  Left the dog feeding to George.

Horse eating what the goats missed.

Then walked to the red barn.

Saw about a half dozen on the rise the other side of Hampton's barn.

George Hampton's barn.

Alice doesn't live here any more.

Resting in peace.

Son installed a new ceiling fan in our living room.  It looks so sleek and nice. 

Sun came out and the kids got to go out for about 30 minutes.

All down hill.  Until you get to the bottom, then it is back up.

Horse thawed out.

He got out up at Helen's yard, and I had to lead him back from Dan's.

Dogs have a squirrel treed.

At sunset.

Stuff I stole from Helen's house.  I had a neck scarf like the one in the foreground that she bought for me, but I lost it somewhere.  They are what you really need when it is really cold.  She told me where hers was and I went and got it.  Also found this nice toboggan that she is not using, so I took it too.  I am going to wear it to work today.  George is taking me to work today. The kids will probably not go back to school til next week.

George is better, but he may have to go back to the doctor.  He has taken all his meds and still is not quite rid of this.  Robert is over it and Hannah has not gotten nearly as sick as Robert did.  Maybe I will not catch it.

Walked 6 miles yesterday.  I am at Waynesville, Missouri today.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey, It's February...

Ice last night

Just got a good coating of ice.

Then snow this morning starting about 5.  We have about 2 inches and it is supposed to snow all day.  No school, and no work for old women who do not want to drive in this stuff.  It may be a few days before I get back to work.

Robert is about over his illness, George is better thanks to his drugs, Hannah has caught whatever it is, but so far she has not been nearly as ill as Robert.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Walking to Grandma House

Patsy has told us about walking from here to Grandma's house when Grandma lived across the creek from us.  The way I understood her to tell it is that she walked down to Dry Creek, then down the creek until she was at the back of Grandpa's land, then up the hills and hollows to Grandma's house.  It may be that she followed the road instead of going down the creek and through the fields but I don't think.  

Yesterday, I walked around the road to Grandma's hours, 5 miles, then back through the field this side of their place where the fence runs right west of their yard [I think the Horn's of Horn Bean fame lived on the place to the west of Grandpa when Daddy lived there], down the fence line to the hollow behind their house, down the hollow to the eastern fence line [I think Jesse Maples owned just to the east of Grandpa when Daddy lived their], down the fence line to the back [north] of Grandpa's land, then on across the next little rise, down the steep hill to the bottom land along the creek, and there was the creek.  The one Daddy and his sisters and brothers walked to when they were kids. Then across the creek and up the David Combs land [Jack Robinson's land], along the back of Floyd's land, and up the fence line home, about 2 miles from where I wonder off the road at Grandma's house.

When Helen gets back here and Betty comes up, we can walk across the creek to Grandma's together.  It will be such fun.

Starting out at sunrise, 7am.

Road just past Daddy's house.

Deer in Dan's pasture.

Top of Meek Hill.

JR Snow's cows.

Hill just past Coin Church, going toward's Eldridge farm.

Pam and Marie cleaning the Church, without Helen.

Eagle in field across from Eldridge's turkey houses.

Grandpa's place.

Lane to Grandpa's house.

Ducks on Grandpa's pond.

Grandpa's house.

In the field just west of Grandpa's fence line, not far from the road.  The white mark in the distance just of the left of the cedar trees is the water tower on the Rock Quarry just across the hill from our land.

If you click to enlarge, the whitish speck in the distance just to the left of the dead tree in the foreground is Helen's house.

The fence on the west side of Grandpa's place, and the hollow behind their house.

Across the fence, and going down the hollow to the eastern property fence line.

Standing on the pond bank, I can see the top of Grandpa's barn.

Grandpa's homeplace, from the hollow below that little pond.

Down the eastern fence line, looking off south toward's Dry Creek.

Looking back up the eastern fence line to Grandma's house.

Down the eastern fence line south towards Dry Creek.  I am sure some of these wooden fence posts were put in by Grandpa and his sons.

Looking towards Grandma's house.

Closer view, via the camera.

View back up the hollow towards Grandma's house.

South down the eastern fence line toward's Dry Creek.

East / South fence lines looking south.

Corner posts.  The fence to the right is Grandpa's eastgern fence line. The fence running horizontally, is the fence between Grandpa's place and the one between him and Dry Creek.  Unless, Grandpa's place ran all the way to Dry Creek.  I cannot remember if it did or not.  The people that own Grandpa's place today, have never owned all the way to Dry Creek.  Morris heirs own the land across the fence here today.  I am going to the court house and get the land records to see exactly what Grandpa owned.  And, it will probably tell who owned the land on each side of him. 

The cedar corner post, with the corner rock behind it.  I am sure this post and rock have been here for 100 years or more.

Me at the cross-roads.


My new to me walking shoes.  Bass brand with leather uppers and substantial soles, just my size for $6.  I think they cost a lot more than that new, and whoever bought them must not have walked much because they are just a good as new.

Across the fence and looking back toward's Grandpa's place.

The knoll, just across the fence, looking south toward's Dry Creek and home. 

Across that knoll and up the next one, then down this steep hill, toward's Dry Creek.

Bottom land.

Trees at the edge of the bottom. I was not sure where Dry Creek was, but when I got to the trees and looked down the bank...

There was Dry Creek, about due north of Grandpa's western fence line.

The creek.

Up the creek, looking west.

Down the creek looking east.  See the rocks across the creek in the distance?

Rocks across Dry Creek.  If you look at Dry Creek on Google Earth, satellite view, you can actually see these rocks. 

Across the creek.  The little Rex Robinson house in the field on the horizon.

David Comb's fence at the top of the bluff on the southern bank of Dry Creek.  You can see the creek off to the left.

Same view, closer via camera, looking up the creek.

Down the creek.

Floyd's barn, and if you look closely maybe the red roof of Floyd's old house.

I am getting tired and looking for home.  Whose trailer in the distance?  Son's?  No the Marr boy's.

Oh, boy, Helen's trailer and my house in the distance.

A horse, a horse!!! Home at 11 am, four hours and 7 plus miles later.  Sisters, we will have so much fun walking this in April.

Dan's goats.