Monday, May 03, 2010


This is an Iris I got from Patsy. She said I got the one she got from Ruth Jones. Actually, I got about a dozen of these. They are beautiful.

Betty asked about digging up Iris. You can transplant Iris almost any time of year. Spring and fall are best, but most of my Iris I dug up when I happened upon them and they nearly always recover completely by the next year. I have dug many even when they are in bloom. Just cut off the blooms before transplanting.

This is a peach colored iris that the renter left here about 10 years ago now. It has not done too well because the Lilac has overpowered it. I have cut back the Lilac to give the other things here more sun. I have one of Patsy's little pink roses here and it was not getting enough sun. It should take off now. Even with the Lilac shading it, it bloomed for about 2 months last year and that was the year I dug up the sprig from Patsy's old yard.

This is a yellow Iris at the east corner of my gravel area. It is panted between two yellow roses and the white spirea I got from Patsy. I don't know if I got it from Patsy or if I bought it. If I bought it, I think it is the only one I have bought until I got those 6 for $2 at the garden sale last week.

I went by Patsy's and delivered the present Helen got for her. She was looking good. We had a nice visit, because it took me a while to get her present set up. She liked her present. I enjoyed visiting with her. Oh, and happy birthday Patsy. I sort of forgot to say that while I was there.