Saturday, March 24, 2018

Last day of vacation

and I did some things.

I purchased this secretary/hutch.  I managed to strap it in the white pickup, haul it home, unload it and get it into the house by myself.  It needs a bit of refinishing on the drop down desk part, so I had planned on leaving it on the back porch until I get it ready to use.  But, it would not stand up on the back porch as it was too tall.  I got it into the house here, but had to get son to come up and move it into the living room.  After he stood it up and I saw that it fit under the light fixture in the hallway, I told him I did not need him after-all.  I could do this myself.   

He went ahead and moved it to the living room anyway.  

This is a view with the drop down not dropped, but it is sideways.  I am going to put it in the corer against the wall to the left of where it is setting here and use it to set the laptop on.  The draws below will hold all the paper and stuff that is scattered now and the top glass will hold dust catching 
nick-knacks behind glass.

The I got two prints because I thought one of them would look good here in my living room.  I really could not decide which one I liked best but finally decided on this one in the living room.

This one went in my bedroom.

This is a close up view of the one in the living room.  They are prints, not painting but that means they are behind glass.  Living on a dirt road makes me appreciate dust-catchers behind glass.

Today, I am going to get furniture re finisher and start on the computer hutch.  

Helen says kids are having fun.  Last night they went to the races.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Busy Beavers

This is what the kids were doing today.

I spent the morning trying to get my phone to work with my banking app.  That was a bust.  I guess I will just use the banking website instead of their app.

It wore me out so much I came home and took a two hour nap.  Then I got to work.

I took the tractor down to the goat pen and started trying to clean out a part of their shed.  There were sever fence posts in the pen that we once used to fence off a portion of the pen for a garden spot.  I am not going to do that any more.  We have so many goats they need the entire pen. [16 babies and 13 grown, to make 29 total].  I used the bucket to pull out the unwanted posts and then worked a couple of hours in the pen.  I am not very good with the bucket, but I moved some of what I needed to move and did not break anything.  I did not run into the fence or the shed.  That was a big plus.

This is where I am putting the hay/dirt.  The sewer is seeping through to the surface here.  Last year, George raked up grass from when he brush hogged the pasture and put on the other place like this.  It has not come back through since he did that last summer.  We do not have any brush hog residue yet this year, so I am taking old hay from the goat pen. So far, so good.

Tomorrow I have to go to Harrison and get my new glasses in the morning.  In the afternoon, I will work more with the tractor. 

Now, I am going to bed.  It has been a long day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Kids off to the desert

Aunt Helen and Aunt Melissa have a full week of fun planned.  I think the plane ride might be the best part for Robert.

As to what I am going to do?  I told Hannah, whatever I want.  A whole week just to myself and I don't got back to work til Monday.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week End, or Beginning

The kids and Uncle George traded their 4 wheeler for this newer version.  Uncle George paid half and we paid half, so we have to share.  Hannah said it is just as well we had him pay part because he would come get it anytime he wanted to anyway even if we paid it all.  It is a Kawasaki Brute Force 300 year 2012.  I am adding that here so I will know when where to find this info when I need it.  It is a big improvement over the 1996 model we traded in.

Son is burning brush piles today.  The renter had moved his cows across onto our side of the road.  So far they and the goats are sharing without any problems.

I walked to the top if Meek hill today while Sister was going to Church.  I don't know if we can  make it out in the pic, but I could see Son's fire from here.

George's black dog went with me.  She is getting old.  She huffs and puffs on our walks now.  When I don't go for a walk, she spends nearly all her time laying around the yard.

We are tuning all the goats out each day now and so far so good.  We still have 16 babies.  Big Daddy is playing king of the hay stack.  He never gets turned out in the pasture, but today he is out in the big pen.

Newberry's cows, watch me watching them.

Kids to to AZ on Tuesday and then I have the rest of the week off work and to myself.  Hannah asked what I was going to do.  I said, whatever I want.