Sunday, June 29, 2014

No pictures

Robert had been sick since Tuesday night with the stomach virus.  Finally, Thursday I took him to the Dr.  Yesterday, he was better and today he is pretty much back  to normal, but for 3 days he was really sick and would not eat at all.

And, we gave the little billy that Crazy Patsy could not keep up with to Linda and JT.  Now she only has the one brown nanny and no more lost babies.  I want to call the brown goat June Bug, but Hannah named her Chocolate.  I am thinking June Bug.  But then I have a little grey goat called June, as in Johnny and June.  Maybe I will just change her name to Johnny since Johnny is long gone.

And, George is loving his brush hog.  The fields are looking so much better.

For the last 3 days, I have taken a nap in the afternoon.  Today, I napped for 3 hours. It is really hard to keep George on task while napping for that long, so I think I will have to cut back an hour or so.