Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the other hand

May 19

Wedding Day, with subtitles for Helen...

Old folks at home.

Last name is Smith.

Whose the Boss?

Julie and Justin Smith.

Gilbert, Willis, Charlotte Jr., and Alyssa (Willis's daughter)

Brookelyn, Willis' other daughter.

Alyssa Powell.

Alyssa, and the boy on the right is Justin's son, Brock.

Julie, SC Tate, Alyssa, Virginia Tate, Justin and son.

J and J and Julie's Aunt Brenda and her husband George.  Don't know her last name.  She was once a Gilbert, but I think this is a second marriage.

All in the family, so to speak.

Willis, J & J, Charlotte and her boy friend.   I was not sure if it was friend or husband, so I asked Charlotte.  Charlotte looked good.  She was very nice and very friendly.

I had a good time.  Going to take a nap now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16

Mama and Daddy's anniversary, maybe 75 years and maybe some other number.  I am not good at counting.

And, Hannah graduated from pre-school.  Next year on to Kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, my orchard

This first tree is the nectarine, then a Galla Apple, Semi Dwarf Fuji Apple, June Gold cling peach and a Sam Houston peach.  I think all of them are dwarf trees, but the Galla apple and the two peachs wer not marked as dwarf.  Both apple trees have lots of apples, but the Fuji has a few more and the Sam Houston peach has only a few peaches.  It almost died last year and now has shoots coming up from the bottom.  I was going to cut them all except one, but have just left it as a peach 'bush'.  I may just leave it that way.  So far it has been a good year for fruit here.  The June Gold peaches will be ripe in a couple of weeks.

Helen, the things in the garden with the big leaves are squash.  Squash bugs always kill my squash after a few weeks, but by the time the bugs do their damage, I am have all the squash I want.  I am thinking I am going to take some of George's nice metal steaks and make a place for my cucumbers to climb.  I have never tried that before.  I am not very fond of squash or cukes,but I grow them because they are easy.  I do not like to grow things that are a lot of work.

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14

A good day off.  It was a beautiful day, not too cool and not too hot.


The garden.  In the far corner with the white chairs is the hose holder George made me.  When I water the garden, it takes so much hose that it is a problem finding a place to put the hose when I am done watering.  What I really want is for him to use his backhoe an dig a water line to the garden.  My goal is to get him to do that before winter this year.  

My June Gold peaches.  I also have lots of apples and some nectarines but I love the peaches the best.  The ripen sometime in June, hence June Gold.

The tomatoes all caged up.  I think I will have to water the tomatoes this week as there is no rain in sight. 

It is hard to make this out because she was 'on the wing' and blurred the picture, but there is a turken hen right to the left of the tree stump.  This is the fence between us and Dan,right down where we are always seeing the deer.  Above the ditch that runs from the pond.  We have seen her here along this fence about 3 times now.  She must have a next nearby, maybe in the ditch.

Back to the grind tomorrow.  Oh, and the reason we were off was a water line break resulting in a boil order.  You cannot process food for sale in water that is under a boil order, so no work.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13

Happy mother's day to me.  No work tomorrow.  I guess we have sewer problems again.  Anyway, the radio says no work at the plant for day shift tomorrow.

Down by the pond.

Playing on the pond bank.

Strolling around the pond.

Emmy and the girl.  She named this one Lilly White.

She named the billy Black Boy.