Saturday, December 22, 2018

We made it

I am not sure this will post.  We have hotel wifi, but can't text or call.  The kids use Facebook to message, but I don't have that.  I got my email, so maybe this will work.

We are at a hotel on base.  It is much less expensive than down town. The flight was really really really long and tireing, but we are here now all showered and tucked in with my fuzzy blanket. 

Tomorrow we go to the aquarium and then who knows.

The boy looks great.  He seems really happy. Grandma's worry.  It is so good to see him.  If this works tomorrow we will have more pictures.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Wayside inn

Getting some rest before the looooong day tomorrow. I had my carryon packed so neatly with my soft blanket in the bottom. It is Topsy turvy now cause I have to have my own blanket to sleep. The I have this really soft boggin  I can pull down over my eyes plus a soft scarf. I off to sleep now.

So far so good.

Wasted money

I bought this for sister helen. She looked at it and ooohed and oued. And then said what is it. Wasted money. I guess maybe I should edit that.  She did not say wasted money. I mean wasted because she did not know what it was.  But then she was holding it upside down.
This afternoon we drive to st louis and tomorrow fly over the ocean.  I am ready and excited.

Merry Christmas...

Sunday, December 16, 2018

One chore down

Last night we got the Christmas pay at Church behind us.  It was not really a good night as one child had a health problem and was taken away in an ambulance. Thankfully he was checked out and sent home. Just the same, a cloud hung over our heads. It would have been my choice to have the children sing their songs and call it done but that was not to be.

Just 3 more days til we leave on our trip. I am washing clothes and starting my packing today. And I found a present for Lane. I am giving him his grandpa's Zipp lighter. Plus a little money.

Today, I have to get a present for hannah. So far all I have is a few braclets. And then I have to wrap their presents.