Saturday, January 17, 2015

Not walking today

We are riding down Hwy 7, then off on Hwy 16, then on a forest road, I think 1205, to Falling Waters and up that same forest road to Richland Creek Wilderness area.  If I get lost, I have directions and a map.  But right now everyone is still asleep.

Yesterday I walked 4 miles.  When Sister Betty posted that I should map my walk and go somewhere, I went looking for a map website that would tell me miles from one point to another.  Of course, I found it at google.  I it is

I think it is too cumbersome to use like Betty envisioned, as in walking 4 miles and then picking a place 4 miles further on the map I was walking.  Partly because it does not tell me the mileage until after I click a point. But it does work well for actually mapping miles walked on any road that google has marked on the map.  I mapped from here way over to Mathis' place and back.  I think that was about 10 miles.  Then, from here around to Coin and back across the creek at Lois' place is about 10.5 miles.  Totally doable.  It only measures marked roads, so I could not get it to come  back across the creek after the road ends.  I estimated that at half a mile, and it is not that far.  It says I can embed a map here so I am going to try that with the Coin across Dry Creek map.

Here goes:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

half of 100

That's how many miles I have logged in January. 

Helen took the kids to Wed. night Church.  I hope they have a good time.

I am up to first Kings in the Bible. 

Only 2 more work days this week. 

Saturday, we are going on a drive down Hwy 7 to Falling Waters and probably Richland Creek.  We are going on a picnic.  Me and the kids may even go on a short hike.  It is supposed to be a nice day.

Today was much warmer than it has been, in the low 40's.  I did not have to bundle up nearly so much for my walk.

I have found a nice website for those names in the Bible that seem impossible to pronounce. .  And, the name is easy to remember.

Thanks Melissa

For paying me $3 to take your hand me down pants.
She sent us a big box of pants for Robert.  He was needing some new pants, but I have to take him with me and make him try them on to buy pants.  He never wants to do this.  Greg made him try these all on and they fit except for 2 pair that were too small.  I think he ended up with 6 new pair of pants.  He is really thankful that he got new pants and did not have to go to the store and try on clothes. They are all really nice pants.
Then she sent 2 pair of nice pants for me.  I wore one pair to work yesterday, and found $3 in the watch pocket.  It is nice to get new to me clothes with bonus pay.
I walked 4 miles yesterday.  We will see about today.  I have logged 46 miles walked this year.  My goal now is 100 miles a month.  May not make that in the 28 day middle of winter month coming up soon.
I am up to II Samuel in Bible reading.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kelly has joined

the old people.  He is 55 today.  Does not seem possible.

Today, me and the kids went to Church.  The others wavered.  I have a new scarf thanks to Helen.  I bought the material and she sewed it up for me.  She also made Hannah one just like it, but she likes the new Kitty Cat one better.  At least I think it is kitties, she says it is foxes.

Grandpa took the  pic.

I walked 5 miles today. It was rainy so I dressed accordingly.  I wore the scarf Betty got me today.  Before I had only worn it to work.  I wore a toboggan over it today, but with the hooded jacket that was overkill.  Next time I will just ware the scarf.  By the time I got back, all the head coverings were off along with the gloves and vest.  That is the silver streak behind me. 

The goats came running when they saw me start out.  George has been feeding them since it has been so cold, and they thought I would do the same.  But no.


Sir Arthur and some of his young girls.

They followed me all the way to Helen's. She was out on the porch, so I tried to lure them down onto the porch with her.

She got out her fireworks and scared them off.  They were not terribly scared, but they did go back to the barn.

I am past Deuteronomy and starting on Joshua.  Back to work and school tomorrow.

37 and counting

miles in January.  I only walked 2 miles yesterday, but I picked up trash along the road all the way to the cemetery.  Helen and I have both picked up trash along the road here to Dan's recently so I was overly optimistic. I took 4 wally  world bags.  I had them filled before I got to the walnut tree no more corner.  I  started tossing cans into the road and bottles at the side of the road.  After I turned around at the cemetery, I called George to bring real trash bags.  We got it all loaded in the old truck, where it has stayed.  George will dump it today, but not along the road.

I am resolute.

I have read over half of Deuteronomy.  I read more of it than Leviticus and Numbers, but still scanned a lot of it.   I am thinking of starting on the New Testament and reading both on alternating days.  I have seen several plans on the net for reading that way, but in reading, I have to make my own way in all things.