Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kelly has joined

the old people.  He is 55 today.  Does not seem possible.

Today, me and the kids went to Church.  The others wavered.  I have a new scarf thanks to Helen.  I bought the material and she sewed it up for me.  She also made Hannah one just like it, but she likes the new Kitty Cat one better.  At least I think it is kitties, she says it is foxes.

Grandpa took the  pic.

I walked 5 miles today. It was rainy so I dressed accordingly.  I wore the scarf Betty got me today.  Before I had only worn it to work.  I wore a toboggan over it today, but with the hooded jacket that was overkill.  Next time I will just ware the scarf.  By the time I got back, all the head coverings were off along with the gloves and vest.  That is the silver streak behind me. 

The goats came running when they saw me start out.  George has been feeding them since it has been so cold, and they thought I would do the same.  But no.


Sir Arthur and some of his young girls.

They followed me all the way to Helen's. She was out on the porch, so I tried to lure them down onto the porch with her.

She got out her fireworks and scared them off.  They were not terribly scared, but they did go back to the barn.

I am past Deuteronomy and starting on Joshua.  Back to work and school tomorrow.

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Sister--Three said...

It rained ice here yesterday. You would have needed an ice Cap here!