Friday, June 06, 2014

Helen has been working in her yard...

She added a new water feature today, with a flowing stream.  All she needs is a few gold fish.

The kids thought it was great fun.

This is where all the water was coming from.  Hannah says there are 4 waterfalls back here.

There are several wet weather springs up on the hillside, and today was very wet weather.

Lots of fun mud and water.

They thought it was great that it ran right under the car.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Helen, get you gun...

We had another big blacksnake in the hen house.  Lane borrowed Shotgun Annie's 22 and shot it, 4 times just to be sure it was dead.  George has a 22 almost like this one, but he did not have any 22 shells.  Since he was going to have to borrow the shells, Lane just got the gun too.

These two boys put our air conditioners in today, the big one in the living room, and a little one in the boy's room and my bedroom.  Last year Hannah did not like it because she did not have a unit in her room, but she did not say anything today. Maybe she thinks it will be an excuse to sleep in Roberts room with him.  She is always trying to think of a reason why she should sleep either in his room or in the living room.  Usually I make her sleep in her own room, but Daddy and Grandpa are pushovers.

They sure had a great time at the creek at Denver yesterday.   They both  just love the water.