Saturday, December 24, 2016

Aunt Helen's presents arrived,,,

Kids were pleased as these are the only presents under the tree.  I do not put them out till Christmas Eve any more.

The Ipad has died after all but I got the new thing setup with no trouble at all.  And downloaded the few songs we had bought on the Ipad automatically without me doing anything more.

And, I downloaded Itunes on  my little PC and it works fine on it.

Weather is much nicer.  I have turned off the heat in Helen's house.  I looks like I will not have to turn it back on until Thursday.  That is the next day  it is supposed to get below 32.

Kids are all excited about tomorrow.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

IPAD is alive

Since I got Hannah a new Apple IPOD I have been worrying about getting it set up for her.  The only other Apple product we have is the IPAD I bought for them 2 years ago.  They never use it anymore.  I thought that was because they were now hooked on playing on the phones but when I asked her where the charger was, she said we did not have one and the IPAD would  not work.  She said they did not do anything like drop it but it just quit working.  I was thinking I might need it to help set up the . IPOD so I was hoping it just needed charging.  I used the connector that came with the IPOD and now it the IPAD is alive.  Now all that is left is to figure out how/ to sign in to Itunes and what else to o to set her up her own account.  I am really a Windows/Android person.  Apple is a whole nother world.  I have a week to figure it out.

Cold, blowing Snow

Well, more like blowing ice.  My thermometer says  13 degrees.  I  think I am not going to Church this morning.  They probably will cancel Church.

This is Hannah's wish list in addition to an IPOD which I have bought her.  I am putting it here so I can find it. Now, I  need to get a case for it.  Our Walmart did not have a case that would fit it.  Boy wants trucks.

This is our packages for Church.  There is one grab bag for each of the kids, a dollar gift from each of us and Sister Joyce's picture box with this pretty picture album.

and prints of her Christmas play and VBS.  

Then, we may not even  have that tonight.  We will see.  There are lots of old people that do not like to get out on bad roads even if it is just a dusting of sleet.

Today Lisa Sigmon is supposed to come down and get the exerciser machine.  I have a package for her of  found gifts.  A Razorback purse Helen found and a calendar George found with cute pig pictures.   

If no one comes, I may go to wally world and get the other things on Hannah's list.  Next year we are making lists early.

George Jr. and Emily are in Japan with Lane and Summer having a great time.  I bet it is warmer there.

All I want for Christmas is spring weather.