Saturday, July 20, 2013

Glory, Glory...

We got 9/10 of an inch of rain in 20 minutes around 4 pm and it is trying to rain again.  The garden is loving it.

I did not get a batter dispenser on my outing  I found one, but you could not set it to dispense an exact amount so I did not think it would help the girls much.  Instead, I got a cup cake decorator tube for making fancy designs with the frosting, like this...

I think we will have lots of fun with this. Oh, and I saw Niece Erin at Target.  She tried to dissuade me from buying the batter dispenser.  I think she is related to Sister Betty.  I got another set of 99 cent measuring scoops and a small 99 cent plastic measuring pitcher for the girls to use in getting the batter into the muffin tin.  Maybe tomorrow we will make cupcakes with flowers on top.

What Happened?

Taken June 29, 2013.

Taken July 20, 2013.  Looks like it just fell over.  I don't think we had wind in the night.  

But, lookey here, is that a saw?  Left behind by the culprit?  Someone must have slipped in here in the night and sawed the tree down.

And city boy and country girl.  George said a limb broke off this tree.  I say a tree fell down.  To me, a limb is something that grows out of a tree above the ground.  I would never call this a limb of a tree.

I am off today in search of a cupcake batter dispenser.  The girls really love making cupcakes, but we all have trouble making pretty cupcakes because some are much larger than others.  A friend at work bought a cupcake dispenser that makes perfectly sized cupcakes.  I am going to get us one today.  I will have to go to Branson because I doubt Wally World here will have one.  Yesterday the three girls [Emmy, Hannah, Patience] in three aprons, made 24 cupcakes.  An hour later, all the cupcakes had disappeared.   

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The News from the Home Front

Robert doing his hat trick.  Today, they got 2 packages from Kristina.  The boy got several nice shirts and a nice jacket.  I told him the jacket was for me, but he said no it is mine, and put it on to show me it was just his size.  He usually does not get very excited about clothes, but he really like the jacket.

The girl rounding up the goats with the 4 wheeler.  They have been getting out every day and she has seen Grandpa get them up this way, so she just did it herself.

It rained a little tonight and cooled off 20 degrees.  Maybe we will get more later.

Girl doing her rain dance in the new dress she got from Kristina or Amanda today.  She wore it when we went to Harrison earlier.  She really liked it, but she does like clothes.  Daddy told her she had to come in and change clothes before she could ride the 4 wheeler.

I had her put this on and go ask him is this was appropriate 4 wheeler gear.  He thought it was funny.  Then she put on a pair of short and a shirt she also got today.  Thanks Kris and Amanda and boys for the new clothes.

And, news from work.  I am going to get a new boss.  I have worked in the same job for this same boss for 12 years but she is moving up.  She has had this job for 18 years.   I hope I get a new boss that lets me be boss.  As Robert says, you always have to be boss.  He likes Grandpa better, cause Grandpa lets them be boss.

And son with the home next to mine is moving his renters out and moving  himself in the first of next month.  New neighbors and a new boss all in one month. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Yesterday, from my garden.  We had bacon and tomato sandwiches for supper.

Tonight, we got these.  We had burgers grilled on our Father's day grill and fresh tomatoes.  They taste great.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday, a good day for a walk...

Saw two coyotes down by the grave yard. 

Went on down to the creek.  It was really scummy, but still has running here by our old bottom field.

The grave yard, taken from the creek bank.

After I got down in the creekbed, could not find a good way back out between the high dirt bank, weeds, and brush.

This was the end of the water.  I think it was a little past Morris' spring, but not sure.  No sign of the beavers or beaver dams I saw last spring.  I heard a deer, saw one of the coyotes coming out of the creek and heard the other one playing in the water.

This is what I saw when I came up the bank, just past where the water stopped.  That is Frank's barn, otherwise known as Uncle Floyd's barn.

Morris hill in the distance.  I was somewhere in the old bottom here.

Saw a very few black berries, but not many.  They tasted alright, but not great.  Way too small to be very good.

Road going down and then back up from the bottom.  The old little pond on the extreme left. 

Home in sight.

George and the girl were looking for me.  I had been gone over three hours.  Guess next time I should take the cell phone.

Goats in the road.  Maybe they were looking for me too.

Girl says, 'we want to go swimming.'  Maybe later.