Saturday, February 25, 2017


Down the river...

Just my opinion.

Years ago the very large chicken company I work for bought a very large beef company.  Soon afterwards the standard joke heard around our workplace was Big Beef bought us.  The people at the top in our chicken company were replaced by beef people.  Our corporate chicken philosophy was replaced by Big Beef philosophy.  The new leaders lead us to financial failure.  Chicken floated back to the top, and our Company is now back at the top.

Last year our Chicken Company bought a Consumer Food company.  Our Chicken Company's comeback in the last few years has been lead by Food Service, [ie selling our products to fast food companies for resale to consumers].  Consumer Food company mainly sells product directly to the consumer on store shelves.

I have been saying for a year no, They bought Us.  Over the last few months, Their people have replaced  Our people at the top of our food chain.  In our company replacement announcement, the names at the top of the ladder contained only one familiar chicken name.  This week, we changed our logo, even changing the color of the logo.  We have always been red and yellow.  Now we are blue and white.  Thursday, the server that calls up our in house company intranet was down.  Yesterday, and I know this thanks to our blog traffic feed, our webpage server was moved out of our traditional home town to a big city  up north, home of Consumer Food company.  The name of that city may foretell our future.  Look for Downer Grove in the feed next week and you will know what I am doing at work.

This will not have any effect really on my own work life, but it has major implications for those at the top.  In the next few years, many of them will likely move on to other real Chicken companies. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Down the middle... Update

How to read your results: If you score closer to the right side of the graph, your personality is more characteristically right-brain. If you score closer to the left side of the graph, your personality is more characteristically left-brain. If you score somewhere in the middle, you share characteristics of both sides of the brain.

Overall Result

Both your right and left hemisphere seem to have reached a level of perfect harmony - rather than trying to dominant each other, they work together to create a unique and well-balanced "you". Your spontaneous, impulsive, and free-flowing right brain creates an exciting and adventurous world, while your left brain helps you make sense of it and keep track of everything.
When faced with a problem or a tough decision, you're not only able to break things down and make an informed and sensible choice, but you're also not afraid to go with your gut when necessary. You tend to express your individuality both in words and actions, and although you're perfectly comfortable running on a schedule or planning things ahead of time, there are occasions when you love to throw in a little spontaneity.
Your balanced outlook and approach to life creates a desire in you to not only understand the world, but to also take it in your hands and mold it as you see fit. With both your right and left hemispheres working together to guide you, you are able to understand yourself and life in general from so many wonderful perspectives.

I found more tests. 
Varied results.
One other said right down the middle, zero either way.
One said 85 right and 15 left
One said 9 left 6 right

Many questions asked do not have the answer choice I want to give.  One asked when you meet a new person do you remember name, face, or both.  My honest answer is neither.

The test with results 85 to 15, had pictures to look at and chose one that fit the question.

Tonight, at home, I am going to try the one Helen posted and see what it says.

Go home early day

and another glorious day.  It topped 80 yesterday, but will be a little cooler today.  Upper 50's is predicted. 

Last night, just after sunset, I walked out to Dan's.  My phone said at the time it was 73.  Just can't believe this is February.

The kids played outside for a long time last night. 

We are all looking forward to a weekend with more spring weather.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beautiful Day, Again!

Last night Robert got the task of locking up the goats. He did a great job. 

Today it is already 65 before noon.  The February weather has been just like me, gorgeous. 

Tonight is Church night.  I am starting my new lesson plan of teaching the little kids the 10 commands. Tonight will be no other gods before me as a memory verse.  Then next week the lesson will be on that concept.  Then we have puzzles, word searches and coloring pages.  I think I am just going to ignore the lessons they give me to teach.  They are really boring for me, let alone the kids.

And, tonight is chicken night.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Sunday, Helen took me to church and then over to Brother's. She had work for him to do.  He was expecting she would leave the materials with him, but she had other ideas.  She wants what she wants and she wants it now.

He finished up her project, she loaded in the car and drove away.  She did say thank you, but did not tarry at the wayside.


It was a beautiful day there on his place. The weather has been wonderful since the end of last week.  It is spring in February.  Supposed to be near 70 degrees again today.

Yesterday, Helen took us all over to Huntsville to Hannah's basketball game.  Thankfully, we all survived.  My take was no one died.  Robert said, "Grandma, quit saying that!"

Then, also, Sunday, Uncle George gave our boy a new Trucking shirt he picked up in Florida.  Robert really really loved the shirt, but it was Uncle's size.  Robert was immediately off to Aunt Helen's to get it resized.  She said she would get done for him in a day or two.  Robert, "A day or two? What do you mean a day or two?"  She got the hint and got out the machine.  Reminded her of her request for Brother on Sunday.  Robert wore the resized shirt to school yesterday and to the ball game last night. 

Hannah's team, both A and B lost their games. It was the first loss for the A team.  They may have one more game with Blue Eye or the season may be over.  The coach was not sure if the Blue Eye game was still on.

Today is a day of rest.  Tomorrow, we go to Church.  We are back to taking chicken.  We have tried other foods and the adults are the only ones that eat.  Everyone eats chicken and takes any extra home for later.  No more alternate menu's.  We are sticking with company chicken when it is our turn for food.

Oh, and Helen has more company coming from the western lands today.  She is excited about visiting for more neighbors from her past life.

George is doing fine, but wishing for our Spring weather.  It is 33 there this morning, 55 here

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Beautiful February

Can you believe it?  I remember February as days of cold, snow, and ice.  Yesterday and today temps are in the 70's.

It is 50 already,  A little foggy.  Last night JR Snow was burning his fields.  Sure sign of spring.

The boy is staying with Aunt Helen again.  I don't know why, but he loves staying up there.   I think he gets to be boss.  Last Friday, they had a huge bonfire.  They both really love fast cars.  Life in the fast lane with Aunt Helen.

Another lazy day today then back to work tomorrow.