Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Sunday, Helen took me to church and then over to Brother's. She had work for him to do.  He was expecting she would leave the materials with him, but she had other ideas.  She wants what she wants and she wants it now.

He finished up her project, she loaded in the car and drove away.  She did say thank you, but did not tarry at the wayside.


It was a beautiful day there on his place. The weather has been wonderful since the end of last week.  It is spring in February.  Supposed to be near 70 degrees again today.

Yesterday, Helen took us all over to Huntsville to Hannah's basketball game.  Thankfully, we all survived.  My take was no one died.  Robert said, "Grandma, quit saying that!"

Then, also, Sunday, Uncle George gave our boy a new Trucking shirt he picked up in Florida.  Robert really really loved the shirt, but it was Uncle's size.  Robert was immediately off to Aunt Helen's to get it resized.  She said she would get done for him in a day or two.  Robert, "A day or two? What do you mean a day or two?"  She got the hint and got out the machine.  Reminded her of her request for Brother on Sunday.  Robert wore the resized shirt to school yesterday and to the ball game last night. 

Hannah's team, both A and B lost their games. It was the first loss for the A team.  They may have one more game with Blue Eye or the season may be over.  The coach was not sure if the Blue Eye game was still on.

Today is a day of rest.  Tomorrow, we go to Church.  We are back to taking chicken.  We have tried other foods and the adults are the only ones that eat.  Everyone eats chicken and takes any extra home for later.  No more alternate menu's.  We are sticking with company chicken when it is our turn for food.

Oh, and Helen has more company coming from the western lands today.  She is excited about visiting for more neighbors from her past life.

George is doing fine, but wishing for our Spring weather.  It is 33 there this morning, 55 here

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