Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Work...

Son borrowed a 'chine from work and has been pushing stuff around at has place.  I hope he does not push the tin box over the hill.

As you can see, no one had bothered to removed the torn awning.  When Sis gets here she will be taking names and kicking butt.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Finally Friday!!!

One evening this week, Tuesday I think, the kids gathered trash from the yard with the 4 wheeler.

Today, Emmy is here and kids are following her everywhere.

To the pond.

And Beyond.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Spring is finally on its way.  It was almost 70 again today.

Grandpa and boy ordered a model railroad magazine. We were reading it last night.  Tonight, they are looking it over and boy is wishing for everything in the book.

We have lots of yellow blooms in spite of the goats.

Hannah has worn one of Aunt Helen's, or Amanda's, outfits every day this week.  She is doing much better in her school work.  She usually gets 100% on her spelling and her reading is much improved over just a month ago.  That is saying something as they did not go to school but about half the time.

Tonight was an easy night as Grandpa went to town around 3 and brought us all hamburgers from Sonic.  No cooking, just eating.

Helen asked about Kirk somebody. Like Betty, I had never heard of him so I searched.  He stared on Growing Pains and was in other things in the late 80's.  I do not remember ever watching this show, so I searched for it.  I did not recognize anyone in the pictures except for the Thick guy who was on a soap opera years ago and is now know as being the father of the nasty guy who did it with the nasty girl on TV.  I hardly ever recognize celebrity names if the person was born after 1960.  I guess Helen had teenage girls in the 80's and remembers what they were interested in.  I had only boys and if they watched such things on TV, I do not remember watching with them.

Today, while I was supposed to be working, I went to Google news and clicked on the entertainment section.  Of the 20 celebrity names that came up, I recognized 13 names, but could only identify 4 of those 13 from a photo.  Of the 4, the ones I remember were the Fonz, Billy Crystal and Lindsay Lohan. 

Two of the very popular shows on TV now are series about a male or female choosing a lifetime partner from a bunch of strangers they just met.  A stupid idea for stupid people.  Just this week the latest male 'star' in the show has been vilified by the media and the media public for refusing to choose a lifetime mate from this group of strangers selected for him by a group of strangers looking to make money off the TV show.  I guess he was not stupid enough to suit their idea of an ideal male.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hannah's new old dress

Hannah got a box of clothes from Aunt Helen.  This was her favorite.  She wore one of the outfits to school today.  She likes clothes, but she likes what she likes.  She would wear dresses most days if we would let her.  

It was 70 yesterday and today, but supposed to be cooler tomorrow.  I have lots of yellow flowers blooming.  

A couple of weeks ago I was getting anywhere from 3 to 7 eggs a day.  Then, in the last few days it went down to 0, 1, and 2.  Today I got 3, so maybe we are back on track.  I have 10 big red hens, 2 banties and 2 big roosters.  I do not lock them up at all, but I think all of the big hens roost in the house.  The banties roost in the old shop.  

That's all the news we have.

Sunday, March 09, 2014


Today was a BEAUTIFUL day.  Tomorrow will be even better, especially for Grandpa.  JR is off to Little Rock today, Greg is off to West Plains, Kids will go to school tomorrow, Grandma will go to work and it is supposed to be 70 degrees.  Grandpa is going to do only whatever he wants all day.  Yepee Shippy.

And today was such a good day.

I have some Easter flowers blooming, but not many because the goats have eaten most of them to the ground.

This morning, Hannah and I walked to the top of the Meek Hill.  

After we got to the top and started back down, she whined for me to call for a ride.  Her Dad came and got her, but I finished the walk.

When I got back, the goats thought I might feed them, but no such luck for them.  They have enough grass to eat and soon they will have more than they can eat.

Then, this afternoon, both kids went with me on a walk down to the creek.

Robert throwing sticks in the water.

Girl by the creek.

Robert taking a closer look at the dead carcass across the creek through his pretend binoculars. 

Posing by the beaver tree.

Going home.

Waiting for old lady to catch up.

Climbing the tree.,

And posing on a tree limb.

And now at 6 pm, they are outside playing in the box JR's dryer came in.