Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10, Friday

Emmy got chickens.

But one got out through a hole in the wire.  I guess no one checked for escape routes.  They tired to catch her with but were not successful. I told them we could catch her with the dog, but they did not want to try that.  When they all left, the dog caught her, but the hen did not survive the catching.  it was the little black one in the middle of the picture here.

Grandpa and Emmy buried her down in the field.  I am thinking the dog went along to see what they were doing, so the chicken may be back up here before long.

Emmy was upset, but I told her we would tell Aunt Patsy that one chicken was defective and died and we needed a replacement.  We can pick it up when we take Sam's cage back.  We can use Clayton's cage to haul the replacement back.  Other than that, they are doing fine.  One is already on the nest, trying to lay, if the kids will leave her along.

August 9, Thursday

This post does not exist.

August 8, Wednesday

New school clothes from Grandma.  Emmy did not need clothes, so she got a new watch.

Had to promise the boy a new truck to even get him to go.  This shirt was from Helen.  I got him 2 pair of shoes and new long pants.

August 7, Tuesday

This is Macedonia Baptist Church, Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee.

And Jesse and Minnie Maples are buried here.  I did not find their grave markers.  I know Jesse Maples had a government stone because I found the record on Ancestry where it was ordered from Vermont Marble Co.  Still, there were very few stones, maybe a half dozen at most, in this cemetery with death dates prior to 1900.  Since Minnie was buried here in 1847, there should be lots of graves of people who died before 1900.

Heading into Chattanooga.


Tennessee River at Chattanooga.

Welcome to Georgia, on I 24.  We were in Georgia for about 10 minutes.

Then back to Tennessee.

Tennessee River, Nickajack Lake, sign above, river below.

Tennessee River again, somewhere a hundred miles or so west of Chattanooga we crossed the river again.

Tennessee River.

Farm land.  We went through Lawrence, Giles, Lincoln, Polk and several other counties that were prime farm land.

Corn was burning up.

Cotton and soybeans looked alright.

Welcome to Arkansas.

Almost home.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

August 7, Tuesday

Awake for 2 hours and George is still asleep, 5:30 home time, 6:30 here.

We will probably look at Jesse's hole in the ground today and then head home.  I am tired of travel.  Probably won't get home till Thursday, because we will stay around here most of the day.  Well, most of the day will probably be gone before someone even gets out of bed.

Betty has not posted an obit, but did not post anything else yesterday, so who knows if she is still living.

Helen is probably sitting out the night in the Gilbert jail.

Monday, August 06, 2012

August 6, Monday in Tennessee

We are in Cleveland, TN.  Will look for Jesse's grave in the morning.

Big day in the Smokies today...

The Little Pigeon was muddy this morning, after yesterday's rain.

The Smokies were Smokey.

In Sevierville or Pigeon Forge.

Road to the park, above.  In the Park, below.

I took his picture, he took my picture, I put them together.

Yesterday, I got someone to take our picture, but today, I thought I would try this.

When you are dead, dead and gone, do you think someone will care enough to hand carve you a remembrance like this?

Baptist Church at Cades Cove in the National Park.

Or, maybe someone will remember you like this.  There were many Tipton markers in the two cemeteries I visited in the park.

Methodist Church on the hill in the park.

Ever see one of these?

Aunt Becky Cades, and her house below.

It looks large here, but it seem very small on the inside.

Sevier County was very rough, mountainous, forested country.  I think if you were a farmer here in the early 180\0's, you would have had a hard time just getting by.  It was all up one steep, brush, tree covered hill and down another.

Blount County, the next county over was more rolling hills with some mountains and more open farmland.  We went through Blount, Polk, and are now in Bradley.  All these counties look like much better farming land than the edge of the Smokies.  It is like the difference between Newton County and Springfield.