Saturday, June 18, 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Garden

Is doing good.  I have the hay down on the tomatoes, squash and cukes.  I have good looking potato plants, but they are not ready yet.  I have the tomatoes tied to the panels, but will likely have to tie them again as they grow taller.

Hannah is home.  She had a great time and wants to go back next year.

Only 2 weeks till vacation time.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Larry

I tried to google a pic of u since I am at work, but this is all I got.

Girls at Camp

Robert and I went to services at Hannah's camp last night.  She is having a great time.  Tonight, our pastor will be there.  I had thought I might go listen to him, but last night was really long and really boring so I am skipping.  When trying to influence children's minds, first you need their attention and interest.  When the adults are bored beyond beyond, the children are not listening at all.  Just saying. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Sisters bought me new clothes to wear on our western adventure for Mother's Day.  I have been thinking I was going to have to buy myself a new fitness watch for Betty's birthday.  Son bought me a Gramin Vivosmart  HR or something like that for Christmas. At first I was not too keen on it, but then I started wearing it to work everyday.  Now, I feel lost without the watch.  The battery has  not been charging just right for the last week, and a few times it has quit on me in the middle of the day.  I depend on it so much, I charge it every night, but lately it has not been taking a charge.  Tonight it charged in a couple of hours, so maybe I was not plugging it in just right  It is hard to connect to the charging plug.  I may have to replace the battery. If I have to do that I think I will take it to Best Buy and have them do it.

But, the feature I really love about this watch that I do not think a lot of the fitness watches have is it can call my phone and make it ring even when my phone is on silent think. I don't think the fitbits do that.  Anyway, that stopped working on the watch last week.  Tonight, after I charged it, behold, it worked. I think this could be a big help on our vacation.  I know I had trouble finding my phone a few times last year.  I guess I will buy Helen something for Betty's birthday.

Happy Birthday

to Betty and Donald.