Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Sisters bought me new clothes to wear on our western adventure for Mother's Day.  I have been thinking I was going to have to buy myself a new fitness watch for Betty's birthday.  Son bought me a Gramin Vivosmart  HR or something like that for Christmas. At first I was not too keen on it, but then I started wearing it to work everyday.  Now, I feel lost without the watch.  The battery has  not been charging just right for the last week, and a few times it has quit on me in the middle of the day.  I depend on it so much, I charge it every night, but lately it has not been taking a charge.  Tonight it charged in a couple of hours, so maybe I was not plugging it in just right  It is hard to connect to the charging plug.  I may have to replace the battery. If I have to do that I think I will take it to Best Buy and have them do it.

But, the feature I really love about this watch that I do not think a lot of the fitness watches have is it can call my phone and make it ring even when my phone is on silent think. I don't think the fitbits do that.  Anyway, that stopped working on the watch last week.  Tonight, after I charged it, behold, it worked. I think this could be a big help on our vacation.  I know I had trouble finding my phone a few times last year.  I guess I will buy Helen something for Betty's birthday.

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Sister--Three said...

Hope Hannah is having a reward able time.