Thursday, March 05, 2015

Snow Day, for me and all the kids...

We are blessed...

With abundant snow and cold, but we have heat, we have food, we do not have to go to work if we do not want to go.  Yesterday, I left work at noon and today I am not going in, just because I do not want to go out in this.  With our nice new truck, that I have now named The Goat, I could easily make it to work today, but I do not want to.  I am staying home and cooking,  Maybe even walking this afternoon.

I walked yesterday at 4 and bundled up, it was very nice.  I do enjoy walking in the snow, if the wind is not blowing in  my face, as the little square from the top of my nose to my eyebrows is the only exposed area.  It was really falling when I was walking, but it was so quite and peaceful, I enjoyed going to Newberry's and back, 2 miles round trip.  That makes 8 miles this week, since I walked 6 miles after work on Tuesday.  I logged 89 miles in February, so when the weather warms up, I have 11 miles to add to my 100 for March.  May not make that.  We will see.  Time changes Sunday, and after that, I can make dinner for the kids before my walk in the evening if I want.

Here are some pics.  The non snowy ones are from Tuesday and the others are from yesterday

David's horses on Jack Robertson's place.

Rex and Elveta Robertson's old house as seen from the road just past Peden's place, Tuesday.

Deer over by Hampton's barn.

Feeding time, in the calm before the storm, Tuesday.

In the mists of the storm.

Horse got corn as the cubes sere still in the back of the truck.

Helen's road.

Dan's cattle turning their backs on the storm.

Just past Dan's on the road to Newberrys.

No one feeds these animals and they are all fat and sassy.

Cecil's barn in the snow.


Beautiful Ozarks.

Monday, March 02, 2015

March be gone!

Yesterday it was a little warmer to start the day, above freezing at least, so I thought I would try a walk.  George said be careful because the dogs were sliding all over.  I had only gone a few feet before deciding a walk was out.

You had to stomp to break through the crust to keep your footing.

The tire ruts in the road were pure ice, so you had to be careful to walk in the snow crust instead of the tracks.

Ice on the trees.

The Husky stayed on the dark side when I went for my walk Saturday, but he was back and very hungry Sunday morning.  I don't think the dark side people feed all those dogs.

I did feed the goats and the horse.  I decided to water them in buckets.  I cleaned the old white truck and took two buckets of water to the barn.  By the time I got back up there, they were down here by the gate and only the horse was at the barn so he is the only one that got watered right then.  I am sure they found the water later, and it warmed up to upper thirties by afternoon.   It is supposed to be above  40 today, so the ice on the pond should open up.  Tuesday night and Wednesday we are supposed to get more.  I just can't wait.

I am not working today, as I am supposed to go for a checkup.  I will have to call because the last little snow we had, the  doctor took a snow day.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Church snow day...

Helen, we do not have Church at our Little Coin Church when snow is forecast, imagine, or hinted at, let alone when when have 3 inches with a topping of ice at 31 degrees.

Going out like a lion along the white dirt road...

Marching Eastward...

February has slowed my march, but we must solder on.  I logged a total of 89 miles in February, 11 miles short of my goal of 100 miles.  In February, I logged zero miles for 10 days, while in January it was only  7 days, and in December 11 days.  I have logged 194 miles since January 1, and I am now just past the snowy city of Rolla.  I searched google for a picture of the snow in Rolla, but all I found was pictures of he massive crash in I44, so I will just go with my own snow pictures from yesterday.

I walked 7 miles the morning of the last day of February.  I started out about 9:30 without my camera because the battery was dead.  I walked to Dan's gate, bemoaning no camera, then returned and got the big camera.  I just enjoy walking with the camera so much more than no camera walks.

We got about 3 inches all together, and then some freezing rain.  The net says we have freezing rain now, but I do not see anything falling.  My thermometer stands  at 31 degrees.

George took us to the store about 2 pm yesterday, so we have plenty of food.  We all went and we planned on feeding kids at Sonic, but Sonic had a snow day.  I made burgers and fries, but Hannah was not impressed.

Then, at 5 pm I walked up to see about Helen's house, which was warm and cozy with running water in all the right places, and walked on out the road for a mile, making yesterday's total 9 miles, the week's total 22 miles, and the month's total 89 miles.

I am supposed to go for my checkup tomorrow, snow permitting, where I will see if the walking is helping with the numbers.

Pictures to follow.