Thursday, March 05, 2015

We are blessed...

With abundant snow and cold, but we have heat, we have food, we do not have to go to work if we do not want to go.  Yesterday, I left work at noon and today I am not going in, just because I do not want to go out in this.  With our nice new truck, that I have now named The Goat, I could easily make it to work today, but I do not want to.  I am staying home and cooking,  Maybe even walking this afternoon.

I walked yesterday at 4 and bundled up, it was very nice.  I do enjoy walking in the snow, if the wind is not blowing in  my face, as the little square from the top of my nose to my eyebrows is the only exposed area.  It was really falling when I was walking, but it was so quite and peaceful, I enjoyed going to Newberry's and back, 2 miles round trip.  That makes 8 miles this week, since I walked 6 miles after work on Tuesday.  I logged 89 miles in February, so when the weather warms up, I have 11 miles to add to my 100 for March.  May not make that.  We will see.  Time changes Sunday, and after that, I can make dinner for the kids before my walk in the evening if I want.

Here are some pics.  The non snowy ones are from Tuesday and the others are from yesterday

David's horses on Jack Robertson's place.

Rex and Elveta Robertson's old house as seen from the road just past Peden's place, Tuesday.

Deer over by Hampton's barn.

Feeding time, in the calm before the storm, Tuesday.

In the mists of the storm.

Horse got corn as the cubes sere still in the back of the truck.

Helen's road.

Dan's cattle turning their backs on the storm.

Just past Dan's on the road to Newberrys.

No one feeds these animals and they are all fat and sassy.

Cecil's barn in the snow.


Beautiful Ozarks.


Sister--Three said...

So thankful our heat stayed on. Next week u will have a warmer stroll. Cold today but sun may shine.

Sister--Three said...

Sisters, do you remember the time we were snowed in and finally with little to eat...or I bet it feed for the cows..our dear ol' Daddy went to town on the tractor? I also recall some of the snowy times when we had not meat and Daddy went rabbit hunting usually down past where Fleta lives today and we had stewed rabbit. So good when one is hungry.