Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today in pictutrs

I planted three rows of corn today.  The kids have put up the tent with Papa's help and are planning on sleeping in it tonight.  We will see how it goes. Today was a beautiful day and they have all played outside all day.

Early Morning

And everyone else is sound asleep.  We had a good week, and now we are going to have a good weekend.  Everyone is here, but Jr and his two are sleeping in the RV.  Much better than scattered all over my living room.

Our visits with gov workers this week went well.  I am much more confident now that the children will never have to go back where they were.

My house is clean, so I have the weekend free to do whatever.  I will probably go to Harrison this am. I will try to remember my potholders at Erin's.  This afternoon or tomorrow, George will need to go to the grave yard and reset that Leathers garvestone.  It needs to be done before Memorial day.

Oh, and I have corn to plant.  The garden is tilled and hoed and looks good.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 15

The Ides of May.  A beautiful day today and then a little shower tonight on the garden and flowers.  We are letting the chickens out to roam everyday now and locking them up at night.  They sure enjoy chasing bugs all day.  We have 10 baby chicks now, 2 from the big brown hen and 4 each for each of the little banties.  

Clayton said he was having cornbread and REAL milk tonight.  He got farm milk from Mr. Bartlett.  He skimmed the cream and had cereal with cream yesterday.  When he goes to work tomorrow, I may go steal some cream from his fridge.  Monday, I sent all the kids up to his garden to steal strawberries.  When they got back, I asked if they saw Uncle Clayton. They said when he came out we hid.

We had a few strawberries in our patch tonight.  The girl gathered and ate all of them.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday, May 13, back to work and school

Kids had a good day.  We stopped at the  hardware store tonight and got more onions, some corn and okra seeds.  I did not get anything else planted because George got the tiller started and I tilled the garden that I have planted, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce and radishes, plus 4 squash plants.  I will plant the onions and more squash and cukes tomorrow.  I need to hoe the potatoes and tomatoes, but tilling them really helped.  The potatoes have been planted a month and not hoes even once.

Two hens and six chicks.  Tonight, the  other hen is hatching.  She has at least 3 and maybe more.

Hannah's heart planter. I usually plant red, white and blue, but this year we are going with pinks and purples, Hannah's favorite colors.--

We planted lots of flowers Saturday, but got a few more Sunday.  I told myself I was not going to spend so much on flowers this year, but when I get started, I always want more.

I am trying vinca in the planter in front this year.  I hope they do good.  Usually, I plant impatiens here.

When we got home today, 3 hens and Rooster Robert were out of the pen, so we turned them all out. They went back to roost at dark, so they are locked up now.

Kids down at the neighbors.

Playing in the dirt.

Coming home at the end of the day.

Driving the truck home.

Telling everyone what to do.