Friday, March 28, 2014

Kids with Class...

A girl.

And a boy.  One boy in this photo is Larry Bill's grandson.  Can you pick him out?  I did right away.

Back row, middle, blue shirt.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another Before and After

Jr and George have been working all week on clearing the area around Jr's yard. Jr. borrowed a bobcat from work and has used it since last weekend. George has been using the orange machine and has been in hog heaven all week, pushing things around.

Here JR has cleared brush and trees and made piles around the electric pole and propane tank.  I told him I thought it would not be a good idea to burn these brush piles at this location.

Earlier in the week, kids and Grandpa watching JR on his machine.

This morning, brush pile burning in its relocation site.

Mostly cleared.

Looks much better.

The only problem is, George will want to mow it now.  It already takes him several days to mow when we are getting enough rain for the grass to grow.  With good grass growing conditions, by the time he gets it all mowed, it is time to start over.

Saturday work

I got the bright idea that I could mow the cemetery if I had a push mower instead of just George's big riding mower. I was thinking of buying a used one, but found a reasonably priced simple mower with big back wheels at wallyworld. I bought it yesterday and took it down to the cemetery. This is the 'before' picture taken early in the morning. The grass and weeds have not started growing yet because of our icy weather, but there were tall weed stalks in much of the area.

Another before of another part of the cemetery.

Here is a picture when I got about half through. I ran out of gas and had to come to the house for more. You can just barely see the mower along the back fence by a big tree near the middle of the photo. I was had about 3/4 of it done here.

George went back down with me and finished the rest of the mowing. We were able to mow the whole area with the mower set at its highest point. This will go much quicker than weed eating the entire area. I will probably need to mow it every 3 weeks or so. And, I will probably only need to mow it about once a month after the rains quit coming in July or August. I put up the whirly gigs and butterfly wire markers on the rock stones because most of them only stick up about 2 inches. At that, I still ran over one rock marker and broke it. I thought I would like the butterfly markers better, but I actually like the whirly gigs. They look bright and cheerful.