Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lucky day for boy and girl...

They got toys from Aunt Patsy and a package from Aunt Helen.  And, George got his chocolate.  Hannah thought the under ware was just fine.  When we went to wally world today, I got her three pair of little knit shorts for $1 each on clearance.  She is really hard on her summer clothes, so she can use them.

This is the bear Patsy gave her, along with her other stuffed animals.  The wall is actually white, not lavender as it appears here, but later, when the weather gets better and we can open the windows, we are going to paint her room about this color.

On the table are the dolls Patsy gave her.  They both enjoyed playing with these.  They are sorta wooden paper dolls with clothes that stick to them.  I remember these from when we were kids.  She put her stars on the wall.  Robert's will wait, probably til Hannah decides to put them up.

Chickens just chillin' enjoying the nicer weather.  It got to almost 60 today.

This is the roster that hatched out last summer.  He is always odd man out.  The other roster whips him.

I went down to look for Sandy and Little Red.  George and Greg both said she was down here with the other goats but I did not find her.

Lots of other goats though.

This is Bertha's June and Big White's Billy.  The grey goat is two months older than the white goat, but they are almost the same size.

Johnny keeps getting his head caught in coffee cans.

This is Holly and Molly, Patsy's and Big White's nannies.  The are the same age, but Molly on the right is larger.

Here you can see the difference.  That is Mama Grey and Baby Grey.  Baby Grey is a lot bigger than Bertha's kids the same age.

I went back down and found Sandy and baby Red. They were over on Frank's, just across from son's yard.  

The baby is looking good today.  Two warm days and then it will be cold again so she needs to gain some strength.

And, Patsy is in heat.  A few days ago, Little Sister was in heat.  That means they will have kids around the end of June.  Bertha should kid toward the end of May, and I think Mama Grey may have been the first to get bred.  We will see.

Now, I am going to go eat supper.  Greg made tuna salad sandwiches.  Nice to have someone else take care of supper.

A very good morning...

So, rise and shine.

It is supposed to get up to 60 or so today and tomorrow.  We are ready.

Little Red is not progressing as fast as the other babies did.  I think it has just been way to cold.  I brought her in the house to warm up yesterday for a while.

Then gave her back to her mama after a couple of hours

She looks good this morning, but she is not a spry as she should be at 4 days old.  She still does not follow her mama off down in the field during the day. It is my theory that the best thing you can do for the baby goats is leave them alone.  But, sometimes that is hard.  I wanted to keep her in the house last night, but George said she would be better off with her mother.  He was right.  Maybe a couple of days of warm weather will perk her up.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Goat World

is really, really cold today.  It was 17 degrees in town at 2, but it was a balmy 23 degrees at my house when I got home.

Baby is coming along, but we will all be glad when it warms up tomorrow. This was taken yesterday.

Ducks on the pond yesterday, about a dozen again.  No ducks today.  Too cold.

When I went up at 3 to see about the baby, it was at the barn by itself.  Mama and the others were down in son's yard.  I drove down to see about them and went in to check on his water while I was there.  He was not there last night and George checked it last night.  So far so good.

While I was in the neighbor's house, Big Sandy started back up the lane.  She turned and waited for me as I drove up our lane.  I fed her all by herself, out back.  She ate about  half of this and the hurried off to the barn to check on Little Red.

When Big White came up on the back porch followed by these 4 babies, I fed her some cubes so I could take some pictures.

They will be a month old in a couple of days.  The black one is the nanny.

Little Grey is chasing the pup off the dog feed pan.

George felt sorry for the goats and fed them.  Pup was glad cause then she could eat out of her pan.

This is Big White's two on the left and Patsy's two on the right.  They are the same age, but Big White's babies are bigger and huskier then the others.  I am think Helen might be right and the white billy is their daddy.  Patsy's are certainly out of the Bertha'a Billy because the one little nanny is almost entirely black.

And that's how it is, January 23rd in Goat World.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How about an even twenty...

Goats that is.

Big Sandy had a little nanny, probably born this morning.  It is doing good.  Kathy saw it out in the road by the barn just as I was coming home today.  She is little, I think smaller than Big Whites babies, but she is cute and dark red like big red.

I am going to name her Little Red.  I think the one is all she had.  I looked all around the barn and did not see any sign of a dead baby.  If there is just one baby, she will get lots of milk to grow on.

Probably call her Red.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Robert don't care

about no stinkin' clean room.  He just wants to know where his trucks and trains are.

But it sure looks better.  This closet was piled completely full of totes of junk,I mean treasures.  Except for the pictures, all the treasures went to the dump.  If you enlarge the pictures, you can see all the stickers Helen and Kris sent them for Christmas and they stuck all over his wall.  Helen says she is sending stars now.  I can't wait.

The lights along the right is a string of Halloween lights I got for him and he adopted them as a night light.  We still need to paint the middle portion of the wall.  I would like to have a window seat toy box where the little cedar box is in this picture.

Beautiful day today, but they say the freezer door is going to be left open tonight.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Cleaning

Yesterday, with Greg's help, I emptied out the closet in Robert's room.  EVERYTHING.  I removed all the frames from the pictures in totes and now I have all those pictures in 2 totes.  There was about 6 totes with photos in them.  We threw away the genealogy papers I had in there.  There was lots of papers.  Greg took the doors off the closet and, for now, he has the two chests setting inside the closet.  There is a lot more room.  There is still carpet on the floor in the closet and it really, really needs to be vacuumed.  I will do that tomorrow when I get home for work.  Today, I had to rest up.  We have enough flooring to put flooring in the closet like the rest of the room, but that will need to wait for another weekend also.

I want a window seat toy box to put under the window for Robert.  I took all his extra train toys and put them in one of Helen's under the bed totes.  It fits perfectly under the train table we got from Erin.  It looks much better in the room now.

Maybe, tomorrow I will put up a pic.

Happy Birthday